Reasons Why Penn State Recruits Should Transfer

Talib BabbCorrespondent IJuly 26, 2012

Reasons Why Penn State Recruits Should Transfer

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    The NCAA came down with stiff punishments on the Penn State football program. About 30 players made a video saying they have committed to sticking with the school through the trying times.

    Is that the right decision?

    Looking at the major consequences the school suffered, the answer would have to be a no. Here are four reasons why recruits and underclassmen should go play elsewhere.

4: 4-Year Bowl Ban

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    A four-year bowl ban was slapped on the program and players have decided to stick it out. If a player is a senior, then transferring would not make much sense. It seems as though they might as well just play out their last year. 

    Maybe even juniors should probably stay in a Nittany Lion uniform. However, any sophomore or incoming freshman should not play for the program. Those players will spend their entire college football career not reaching a bowl game, nor will they have the chance for a BCS bowl bid.

    Players fight for that opportunity every year to play in a BCS bowl. No matter how good of a season the Nittany Lions have in these next four years, they will not be rewarded with anything. The underclassmen and future recruits should really think hard before competing every game with no end of season reward.

3: Big Ten Championship Game Ban

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    Penn State went 9-3 in the regular season last year and had a great shot at playing in the Big Ten Championship.

    For the next four seasons, Penn State will not have the opportunity to participate in the championship game. So aside from not playing in a bowl game, these players will not have the chance to win their conference. 

    The young and incoming players should turn down the opportunity to play for a program that will restrain an entire player's college career.

2: Unproven Coach

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    Penn State players will be playing for new head coach Bill O'Brien. He has been a great offensive coordinator and ran one of the most powerful offenses in the NFL with the New England Patriots.

    However, this is his first head coaching gig. Nobody knows what to expect from him and what makes it worse is the tough situation he is walking into. To play for a coach that has so many question marks surrounding him is very risky.

    As a player in this situation, you would want to play for a coach that has had some type of experience in a rough situation like this. O'Brien has none. Incoming players and future recruits should not trust O'Brien at this moment.

    Not because he is not a good coach, but because of the current situation and questions surrounding him. 

1: Bad Coverage Surrounding Program

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    For the next few seasons, especially this upcoming one, a terrible dark cloud will cover the entire school. Jerry Sandusky's actions have placed the school in a bad position and has given them unwanted negative media coverage.

    Next season, whenever people see Penn State football on television, they will be thinking about the negative actions Sandusky made along with Joe Paterno and the administration.

    As a player, you do not want to be associated with that kind of image. You want people to acknowledge your talent and not what people before you did. 

    Players should think twice before putting on a Nittany Lion jersey within the next few seasons.