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Michael Cole: His 10 Worst WWE Announcing Moments

Robert AitkenAnalyst IJanuary 9, 2017

Michael Cole: His 10 Worst WWE Announcing Moments

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    Not everyone likes Michael Cole. Then again, the fans that don't like Cole are not fans because of his character. Cole is now a play-by-play commentator that expresses his own opinions, which can often take away from a broadcast. His antics can even step over boundaries and begin to offend some people. There have been some pretty bad things that have been said by Cole over the years.

    There's not real pinpointing of one specific moment that fans began to truly dislike Michael Cole. Every fan seems to have their own moment where their threshold of Cole commentary had reached beyond it's limit. Now, whether you boo him for storyline purposes or boo him because you cannot stand him anymore, Cole is one of the most hated men in all of WWE today. His reactions from the crowd are among the loudest in the entire company. His negative reaction easily ranks within the top five that the whole company has to offer.

    This also brings something interesting to the table. This is how the company wishes Michael Cole to be in the eyes of the fans. This just further validates that most of these things said by Cole are not always thought of directly by him, but rather for him. Feeding him lines through a headset or on a script is often the way that Cole gets these lines before he vomits them out on a microphone.

    If there was a "Worst of Michael Cole" DVD, here would be ten moments up for consideration for that compilation. These are ten of the dumbest things Michael Cole has ever said.

Heckling Lou Albano Tribute

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    Just a few weeks ago on RAW, Cyndi Lauper was on her way back to RAW in a Rock N' Wrestling Connection reunion of sorts. Introduced by Layla, Lauper came to the ring with Wendi Richter, only to be interrupted by Heath Slater. They then were joined in the ring by Roddy Piper to complete the cast for this segment. Piper never liked Lauper, at least in storyline, despite appearing in one of her music videos a quarter century ago. That's why Piper, seeming to rectify his wrongs, seemed so odd.

    There was nothing wrong with Cole's heel reactions at first. He wondered why we were back in the 80s and nearly busted out laughing when Piper said "you know I love you" to Lauper. Even I laughed at that moment.

    As the moment wares on and Piper presents a gold record to Lauper, things did get weird. However, some superstars get free range to pretty much say whatever they want, as long as it is PG. Piper is one of those guys, and Cole is trying to use his snide attitude to ruin the segment. If he was Bobby Heenan or any other decent heel color commentator, he could pull it off. Cole can't and is just overstepping his place.

Gonging the NXT Rookies

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    Sure, the overall product of WWE went down following the first season. The third season, which included all Divas, seemed to really change the perception of NXT. Cole never really stays quiet when anything involving Divas is going on. He's constantly complaining about the quality of Divas and their matches. So during season three of NXT, which gave us a new crop of Divas, Cole started mailing it in.

    The third NXT season gave us five Divas on the main roster, four of which are currently on the roster still, including the current RAW general manager. This didn't stop Michael Cole from thinking that this season was just plain awful. Cole would have some moments in announcing NXT, including a moment of being caught napping at the desk.

    It's one thing to joke around and another thing entirely to try and make it all about you. Cole would bang a gong out of sheer frustration for what he was seeing and left to end an episode of NXT. No wonder this show got taken off television.

Michael Cole and Booker T's Bags

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    When Cody Rhodes was no longer "dashing" and wore a protective mask, Rhodes would come to the ring with two men that carried a bunch of paper bags. For Rhodes, he now saw himself as ugly, but saw the rest of the world as just as ugly.

    The paper bags would be given to fans who sat at ringside, but there was one bag that always seemed to go to someone special at ringside. Booker T would be getting a bag every week from a bagger, which Cole couldn't help but resist.

    Booker would ask weekly why he was getting a bag, which ultimately ended up with Cole saying how ugly Booker T is and how maybe wearing the bag would make Booker T a better commentator. This actually seemed to irk Booker as a few instances had Booker telling Cole to back off and led to a silent Booker T for a minute or so.


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    When a superstar returns, it is often the call by the commentator that gets associated with the return itself. Jim Ross always seemed to know the right amount to provide for a profound debut, even letting the moment speak for itself sometimes.

    Recent years, when Ross has not been the commentator, has left wrestling fans to heckle the attempts. The most infamous example was Todd Grisham's passive announcement of Christian returning to WWE on the ECW brand. Had it not been for Matt Striker's excitement, it would almost feel like few in WWE actually cared.

    Michael Cole has not been spared from such moments. When you're supposed to be the voice of WWE, these announcing moments fall upon your shoulders. Cole was up for the occasion, but failed rather badly.

    Two returns in 2012 saw Chris Jericho and Brock Lesnar both return to WWE on episodes of RAW. All that Cole could mutter: two words. This is not to say that "Oh my!" should be removed from Cole's arsenal, but something more profound can be said. This is also the same guy who couldn't recognize Kevin Nash at SummerSlam last year.

"Anal Bleeding"

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    Why anyone thought this was something that Michael Cole needed to say is beyond me. When addressing the fact that Jerry Lawler had been taken out by Mark Henry on the previous RAW episode, Cole listed the injuries Lawler had sustained and did not allow him to attend that episode.

    A clip was shown of Lawler getting put through the table (which was not rigged correctly) and the actual back injury Lawler was suffering from was addressed. However, even Cole had to preface the last thing he was going to say.

    Cole uttered that Lawler was suffering from anal bleeding, which shocked fans watching around the world, and from the looks of it, shocked Booker T and Jim Ross at ringside. Booker actually says, "What?" after the announcement is made. And by the way, that comment below the video is legitimate. That hashtag really did trend worldwide on Twitter. Thankfully, WWE did not address it.

Jerry Lawler's Mother

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    Whenever anyone's family is brought into a wrestling storyline, it has to be cleared with the superstar involved first. Big Show was tormented by Big Boss Man when Show's father passed away in storyline, even leading to Big Show being dragged by his father's casket at a graveyard. Big Show's father had actually passed on years prior to the storyline, meaning it wasn't as insensitive as it seemed at the time. Still, getting such clearance doesn't always mean that things don't feel off limits.

    Jerry Lawler's mother actually did recently pass away during this storyline with Michael Cole. It was known around the world with wrestling websites and Lawler took some time off to grieve, but was in the world title picture. It was written into the storyline to bring added underdog momentum to Lawler.

    Having Cole mention Lawler's dead mother, however, touched a lot of people in a sensitive area. It just is uneasy to watch.

Lilian Garcia and Her Horseplay

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    It isn't always whatever Michael Cole says that is the opinion of Cole. Those headsets that are worn often have screaming people on the other end. Commentators are fed things to say that are important to be said to the audience, such as reminding them about a match later on or certain words for the sake of a promo to be made later on. Other times, certain things that are fed to commentators are for the sake of comedic relief.

    As ring announcer Lilian Garcia danced in the ring with Hornswoggle, Cole had one of these comedic lines. While it isn't known if it was told to him or he thought about it on the fly, Garcia and Hornswoggle dancing in the ring prompted Cole to say, "I wish these two would stop horsing around."

    This is believed to be a reference to an inside joke going on backstage that Garcia's face is similar to that of a horse. This is an infamous comparison to actress Sarah Jessica Parker, but hasn't quite latched on with fans of Garcia.

Cole Has Nothing Wrong with His Mouth

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    Speaking of Cole and comments from that episode of Smackdown, he was not done spewing hateful words about fellow WWE employees. Cole would be told later on in the episode that he likes to talk out of both sides of his mouth, referring to how Cole can jump back and forth on an issue. His quote to answer that statement was, “Actually, there is nothing wrong with my mouth, unlike J.R.’s."

    That's right. A random Jim Ross rib and about his Bell's Palsy of all things. This coverage of it also brings into the theories that Vince McMahon, someone who has been critical of Ross in the past, was probably not behind it and that it was believed to be either a writer who fed the line to Cole or Cole who said it himself. Whoever was responsible, it was a very cowardly and inappropriate thing to say.

    This was not the first time this issue has been brought up on television between these two. The aggressor last time around was Jim Ross, though.

Showing "Pictures" of Jim Ross

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    Speaking of Jim Ross being the butt of Michael Cole's jokes, Cole would continue his hatred for Good Ol' JR by trying to embarrass Ross with fake pictures revealed on the air and posted through Cole's Twitter page.

    There was a picture that mocked the girl from the bottles of Coppertone sun tan lotion, JR working out and one of him cheering for his Oklahoma Sooners in a cheerleading outfit.

    It was fake and it was tasteless. It clearly sounded like a good idea to somebody enough for these pictures to be created. It's just another unfortunate way for WWE to take a jab at Jim Ross, who has been a punching bag in WWE for many years now.

Cole Tweets About Josh Mathews

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    Not everything that Cole says wrong is scripted, nor is it always done at the commentary desk. Sometimes, it is via social networking with which Michael Cole gets himself into hot water. That's what happened in March in a Twitter conversation with fellow commentator Josh Mathews. Cole was utilitzing Twitter, the site on which he has often been referencing worldwide trends and reading tweets, to talk to Mathews.

    There isn't a lot to this story. Basically, Cole went onto his Twitter account and wrote the word "faggot" toward Mathews. There was no context to the slur. Even if there was, that isn't something that needs to be seen by the roughly 250,000 followers that Cole has and the 175,000 followers for Mathews.

    Cole would delete the tweet rather quickly and would issue an apology on Twitter. Still, WWE announced that Cole would be going through sensitivity training that was requested by the group GLAAD following a similar event involving CM Punk speaking to a fan at a house show.


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