Michael Cole: His 10 Worst WWE Announcing Moments

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Michael Cole: His 10 Worst WWE Announcing Moments
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Not everyone likes Michael Cole. Then again, the fans that don't like Cole are not fans because of his character. Cole is now a play-by-play commentator that expresses his own opinions, which can often take away from a broadcast. His antics can even step over boundaries and begin to offend some people. There have been some pretty bad things that have been said by Cole over the years.

There's not real pinpointing of one specific moment that fans began to truly dislike Michael Cole. Every fan seems to have their own moment where their threshold of Cole commentary had reached beyond it's limit. Now, whether you boo him for storyline purposes or boo him because you cannot stand him anymore, Cole is one of the most hated men in all of WWE today. His reactions from the crowd are among the loudest in the entire company. His negative reaction easily ranks within the top five that the whole company has to offer.

This also brings something interesting to the table. This is how the company wishes Michael Cole to be in the eyes of the fans. This just further validates that most of these things said by Cole are not always thought of directly by him, but rather for him. Feeding him lines through a headset or on a script is often the way that Cole gets these lines before he vomits them out on a microphone.

If there was a "Worst of Michael Cole" DVD, here would be ten moments up for consideration for that compilation. These are ten of the dumbest things Michael Cole has ever said.

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