10 Reasons You Need to See a UFC Event Live

Dan Hiergesell@DHiergesellFeatured ColumnistJuly 26, 2012

10 Reasons You Need to See a UFC Event Live

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    There's one type of event that was built beyond limitation.

    It was built to satisfy our every emotion, competitive desire and primitive need; built to make us feel as if we're the ones participating in this physically exhausting sport.

    This is one event, unlike anything else, that was built to be seen live.

    This phenomenon is known as the UFC.  Here's why.

10. The Ring Girls

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    Any guy would agree that the reason we don't leave our seats between rounds to refuel on beer and chips is to catch a glimpse of the UFC's perfected ring girls.

    From Maxim models like Arianny Celeste to Playboy foldouts like Brittney Palmer, the collection of beautiful women is dumbfounding.

    On television, these goddesses still get the job done. However, if you see them live, you're lucky to keep your tongue off the arena floor.

9. Bruce Buffer

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    Seeing Bruce Buffer live is like scrambling to point out Waldo.

    Where is he?  Is that him?  It is!  There's Bruce!

    It's exhilarating.

    His movements are music to the eyes, but hearing him is something completely different.

    It's like hearing the Pope manifest a prayer or listening to Joe Rogan thwart an incompetent Mike Goldberg remark on air.

    It's an event in itself—like seeing Tom Brady throw a touchdown pass to himself.

    Buffer has become a facet of the UFC that can only be fully experienced cageside.

8. Crowd Participation

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    There's few things that match the overall camaraderie you feel while seated amongst fellow UFC fans.

    Whether it's round-by-round chants, fight-by-fight reactions or the occasional hilarious heckle, crowd participation at live UFC events never fail.

    Sure, a few random drunk idiots escape the laws of this perennial wonder, but that's to be had in a sport based completely on throwing fists and slinging knees.

7. The Speed

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    Mixed martial arts is easily the most difficult sport to excel at.

    There's just too many disciplines to be well-rounded in every facet of the fight game.

    However, what the UFC encompasses, through employing the best athletes in the world, is a complete hodgepodge of fighters that offer distinct techniques covering various MMA departments

    Watching these eventful offensive strikes or perfected transitions on your television does in no way do them justice.

    It's just so much faster in person. Takedown attempts, flying knees, lunging uppercuts and the occasional groin shot are all increasingly sped up when you're watching it with your own eyes.

    Honestly, sometimes it's even difficult to keep track of all the action when you're viewing it alongside thousands of people.

6. The Blood

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    This is a tribute to all the blood spilled inside the Octagon at the hands, and faces, of the greatest fighters around.

    Often seen as barbaric and gruesome, blood is so much more to diehard UFC fans. It's a game-changer, a momentum shifter that launches a fight to an entirely new level.

    For lack of a better word, it's beautiful. 

    Seeing blood live is like spotting a glaring diamond from miles away. It brings about senses you didn't even know existed—primal reactions more suitable for un-evolved chimpanzees.

    It's the perfect ending to your night. If the canvas isn't red when the final punch is thrown, someone needs to take the fall.

5. The Sounds

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    Quite frankly, nobody can prepare you for what you'll hear at a live UFC event.

    Not the roaring cheers from diehard fans looking for a unique finish, or the thoughts running through your own head, but more so the sounds of combat.

    Hard leather hitting unsuspecting temples, sharp knees unmercifully slamming into protruding ribs and lightning-fast elbows crashing into cheeks, chins and eyes.

    The echo of skin getting pummeled alongside steel, The snapping of bones and reactions that come with it.

    It may be difficult to picture, but if you've ever sat cageside for a UFC event, you'll understand these vibrant harmonies.

4. The Cage Jump

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    The cage jump has become an intricate part of the UFC.

    It's the touchdown dance of fighting. It's the home run trot of Octagon finishes.

    On TV, you'll see these glamorous acts of celebratory victory and chime in with a "wow, that's pretty cool."

    When you see this gravity-defying spectacle first hand, it takes you aback. It's like leaving your own body and seeing the world for what it is. 

    Watching a guy leap off the canvas and hurdle the cage is beyond perfection. It's three months of blood, sweat and tears wrapped into one simple moment.

    And it happens in front of thousands of dead-locked eyes.

3. The Opening Promo

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    After watching this, you'll understand why it's only played live at UFC events.

    Enjoy the awesomeness.

2. The Octagon

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    The very moment you see the Octagon in person, it will never elude your memory.

    It's like riding a bike for the first time or watching your favorite team win the Super Bowl.

    The very essence of the cage is entrancing. The legendary measurements control every visual receptor in your brain.

    It's Christmas morning, it's watching your puppy grow into a dog, it's watching your car gracefully roll over the 100,000 mile mark.

    It's priceless.

1. Being in the Presence of Greatness

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    Greatness is what separates good fighters from legendary ones.

    It's what puts fans in the stands and keeps them there even after an uneventful 15-minute rumble.

    It's why we refuel our appetite for Octagon action every time we sell our souls for pay-per-view access.

    Greatness has become the epitome of MMA, and the UFC has exposed it.

    Baring witness to this glory is unexplainable. Some people have been lucky enough to witness the greatest fights of all time. However, even if you're a first-timer at a live event, remember that anything is possible.

    If you aren't expecting greatness, take your love for the game elsewhere. It's why this sport exists.

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