WWE: Why Big Show's Heel Turn Does Not Suit Him at All

Daine Pavloski@@dpavloskiAnalyst IIJuly 28, 2012

Photo Courtesy of WWE.com
Photo Courtesy of WWE.com

Big Show has done a lot in his time in professional wrestling. He's won numerous belts, both alone and with different partners, and was one of the best big men in the WWE.

While he has had a huge impact on the business, we all must remember that all good things must come to an end. Big Show had a great run, and we won't forget him now that he's retired...

Wait...he's not retired?

He's seriously going to keep doing this "monster heel" act?

You have to be kidding me. 

Show has spent time in pro wrestling as one of the most dominating and intimidating figures in the business. He's spent time as an athletic big man, an enforcer, a tag team partner, a face and a heel. He also has been named PWI's Rookie and Wrestler of the Year, he's held single and tag titles in WCW, he's a triple crown champ in the WWE (the 24th to do so) and has many other accolades and awards. 

That is where Big Show's story should stop. 

Big Show has great accomplishments in pro wrestling, but becoming a court jester for Vince McMahon is where it should have stopped. 

Bigger around the middle after living the wear and tear life of a pro wrestler, Big Show is not as athletic as he once was. Vince saw this and decided to make him a happy, smiley joke, putting him into silly gimmick matches at WrestleManias and making a joke of him on TV with silly spots for the kiddies. 

So then the WWE did the smart thing. They let him go, right? They let the Big Show retire so he could go out in style.


The WWE decided to turn the Big Show heel and let him wreak havoc on the WWE locker room. Rough. 

How are we supposed to buy the guy who starred in "Knucklehead" and pranced around the ring dressed like a big goofy Santa as a huge evil bad guy? We aren't.

Big Show was awesome and played a huge role in professional wrestling. He had a huge impact on the role of big man in the business.

Making him into a huge unstoppable force and parading him around like a clown when it's brutally obvious that he ain't as good as he once was in the ring isn't helping his legacy.

His heel turn is hard to believe because he can't do much anymore. His move set is very small as his body continues to age. It's hard to buy him as a big, dominant bad guy when he can hardly execute his finishers, a spear and a punch. 

This heel turn fits Big Show about as well as a title belt fits Santino...Wait...Seriously? That guy has a belt?!