WWE: Would Lita's Return Save the Diva's Division?

Riley KontekFeatured ColumnistJuly 26, 2012


This past Monday at Raw 1000, Heath Slater called out another legend to wrestle him in a no disqualification, no count-out match to prove he could beat a legend.

Boy were we, and Slater himself, surprised.

Former women's champion Lita's music hit the speakers and the gorgeous high-flyer appeared. Many fans were delighted, as she is one of the most popular women in the history of professional wrestling.

Although she only executed two moves, the Twist of Fate and Lita-sault, Lita looked to be in fantastic shape and still possesses the "look" that the WWE wants. 

With that in mind, would a return by Lita to full-time performing save the currently drowning diva's division?

First off, let's consider who is the most popular diva right now. Undoubtedly it's AJ, despite the fact that she does not wrestle often. She is more an actress, who is now going to be the general manager of Raw.

Layla and maybe even Eve Torres are the only other two divas who get significant camera time as of late, showing the absolute weakness the division has.

Kharma was supposed to be a big player in the division, but she was recently released by the WWE. With the release, the WWE lost a potential monster heel in the diva's division.

Now consider the fact that Natalya and Beth Phoenix, likely the two best performers on the roster, rarely wrestle on TV. Yes folks, the two best in-ring performers are stuck on Superstars or out of the ring all together.

Now add Lita, a woman who can put on a good match with almost anybody the WWE has right now. Although many people can't bear to watch the divas wrestle, wouldn't you love to see Lita mix it up with Layla or Beth Phoenix or Natalya?

Her matches with Trish Stratus, Ivory and Molly Holly were very good back in the day. She is one of the few high-flyers in WWE women's history. 

She is incredibly attractive. Her style is aesthetically pleasing. She has skills on the mic, which were shown in her time with Edge.

Although her old ring attire, especially the thong hanging out of her pants, would not fit in with the "PG era," that makes no difference. She could easily wear something more "covering."

Even if she can't revive the division, she could at least push it ahead of where it is now. Back in February, when Tamina Snuka got a title shot at Elimination Chamber, I thought the women were starting to be taken more seriously.

I was wrong. So, Vince McMahon and the WWE need to lure Lita back to get interest back in women's wrestling in the WWE.

If TNA can garner interest in the women, why can't the WWE, right?