Tim Tebow Mania: How Much More Media Saturation Can We Take?

Marques EversollAnalyst IJuly 26, 2012

Tim Tebow is the backup to Mark Sanchez, so why are we still talking about him?
Tim Tebow is the backup to Mark Sanchez, so why are we still talking about him?Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

Tim Tebow was perhaps already the most polarizing figure in sports with the Denver Broncos, and now he plays in New York.

It's been a dream scenario for the media outlets in New York, and an absolute nightmare for football fans who get sick to their stomach hearing the words "Tebow Time."

Predictably so, the combination of Tebow's unrivaled popularity and the unrelenting New York media has made for an exhausting offseason filled with dry, baseless updates about his on-field role in 2012. Although he has yet to play a single snap in a Jets uniform, it seems there's a Tebow update for everything he does short of brushing his teeth.

And frankly, I really don't care if the guy uses Crest or Colgate.

The latest "development" in the preseason Tebow saga came on Tuesday when the New York Daily News reported that the 250-pound quarterback may be utilized on the kickoff team, and possibly even as a situational kick returner.

On top of being the backup to Mark Sanchez, it had been reported previously that Tebow could also serve as the Jets' wildcat quarterback, redzone quarterback, and the "personal protector" on the punt team.

Timeout, a backup quarterback on the kickoff team, kick return team, and the punt team? Kobayashi thinks Tebow has too much on his plate.

Now, to a point, it's understandable that Tebow would be the center of attention with the Jets. After all, he is undoubtedly one of the most genuinely good guys in all of sports, and "Tebow talk" clearly overshadows the team's more gloomy story lines.

The constant updates, although dull and ultra-repetitive, have been a nice change of pace in an otherwise very dark offseason league-wide clouded with suspensions, scandals, and a whopping 31 player arrests.

But, while nobody will accuse Tebow of having any character concerns, the backup-quarterback-turned-special-teams-extraordinaire is in the news far too much for someone who hasn't even practiced in full pads with his new team.

We all know how the legend of Tebow came to life. After an illustrious collegiate career in which he won the Heisman Trophy and two National Championships, Tebow was selected in the 1st round of the 2010 NFL Draft. He started three games as a rookie before bursting onto the NFL scene last season.

The Broncos started the season 1-4 with Kyle Orton at quarterback. The team then turned to Tebow following their bye week, went on to win seven of their final 11 games, and made the playoffs. He ranked among the league's worst quarterbacks statistically, but that didn't hold back his staunch supporters.

"All he does is win," was the motto.

No mention of his indecisiveness as a passer. Nothing about his 46.5 completion percentage. All he does is win.

For most quarterbacks, completing ten passes means it was a frustrating game against a stiff defense. However, Tebow's 10-15, two touchdown performance against Minnesota was pointed to as being a sign of improvement.

When the Broncos openly put him on the trading block, only two teams were interested -- the New York Jets and the Jacksonville Jaguars. It only cost the Jets a 4th round pick and a 6th round pick to acquire Tebow in addition to a 7th round pick, but he's still in he news more than any of this year's top picks or even last year's MVP Aaron Rodgers.

Enough is enough.

Tebow-Mania is sure to be at an all-time high once the regular season kicks off, but can we at least wait until he's actually playing in football games before talking Tebow yet again? It's funny how the other team in New York is coming off a Super Bowl victory--their 2nd in five years--but the Jets, and Tim Tebow specifically, are the more popular talking points.

The banter that surrounds Tim Tebow isn't nearly the black eye that the Saints "bountygate" scandal was to the NFL, but it sure would be nice if Roger Goodell could suspend the media from using the word "Tebow" for a full year.

As NFL training camps begin this week, I'm encouraged that other stories will begin to overshadow the hype surrounding Tebow. But then again, I'm reminded that the season is only beginning.

Tebow-Mania is here to stay.