New WrestleMania Sponsor Involved in Cheating Scandal

Colin VassalloCorrespondent IFebruary 20, 2009

The recently announced new sponsor for WrestleMania 25,, was involved in a cheating scandal from 2005-2007 which cheated online players out of thousands of dollars.

Employees of the former owners of apparently inserted codes into the online poker website that transferred hole-card information of other players to them during play.

Wrestling-Online Newsletter subscriber and poker player Joel Alpert was one of the many who was cheated out of a lot of money.

"I am a regular full time poker player online and I refuse to give UltimateBet or their sister company Absolute Poker any business in the future," Alpert said.

Alpert added that just last week the company called to clear up their name.

"I prefer to go with proven safely encrypted sites and I hate to think my fellow wrestling newsletter readers would be led to a company that may still not be shuffling a fair deck. Though the web site is now claiming a 100 percent honest game, it is hard to risk money on an Internet poker web site that has been previously compromised since it is such a sensitive issue to never have a poker site that your opponent can see your hole cards."

1994 World Series of Poker winner Russ Hamilton was named as the mastermind and the person who benefited from the whole scandal by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission after they found "clear and convincing evidence." In February of last year, the company began issuing refunds to all players who were cheated.

Now owned by Tokwiro Enterprises,'s headquarters is located in Malta and gaming servers are located thousands of miles away in Kahnawake, Canada.