WWE Divas: Will Eve Get Her Momentum Back?

Sharon GlencrossContributor IJuly 25, 2012

photo from wrestlescoop.com
photo from wrestlescoop.com

Earlier this year, Eve Torres was on a roll.

Having turned heel as part of a love triangle with Zack Ryder and John Cena—it was eventually revealed she was using both men simply for the fame—the Diva Search winner had become one of the best, more entertaining female acts on Raw.

Enraged by what the despicable Diva had done to poor and lovesick Zack Ryder, fans in arenas all over the country booed her vociferously in the weeks following her turn. Not since Vickie Guerrero had a women garnered as strong of a reaction from the crowd.

Eve knew just how to act too, by playing the conniving, cold-hearted gold-digger act to perfection. She cut tremendous promos on Raw and SD, displaying a hitherto unseen personality and charisma. Soon after, she was linked on-screen with heel general manager John Laurinaitis and was assigned a high-profile role in his administration.

The hope at the time was that she could become one of the major heel acts on Raw and the next big female superstar in the company.

So, what happened? Where did things go wrong? 

First of all, she has undoubtedly been damaged by Laurinaitis's on-screen firing and exit from WWE television. (Floundering mid-carder David Otunga finds himself in a similar position.)

As Laurinaitis' right-hand woman, Eve was a major supporting player on Raw—even participating in an angle where she was in charge of the company's beleaguered Diva Division. (The angle has seemingly been forgotten about, by the way). Without him, she is simply another Diva with nothing to do and no concrete role.

Another factor in her demotion may be her recent involvement in the upcoming NBC reality show Stars Earn Stripes. We've seen other Divas, like Stacy Keibler and Maria Kanellis, participate in reality shows and part ways with WWE soon after.

Possibly because of this, the promotion seems weary of their wrestlers—the women in particular—becoming mainstream stars and pursuing options outside of the company. Is it possible they are punishing Eve for taking up opportunity in Hollywood? Considering AJ's on-air dig belittling Eve's reality television career, this could certainly be the case.

So, with all of this in mind, is it possible that Eve can turn things around and regain her momentum?

Well, in spite of any possible reservations they have, WWE will probably give Eve some sort of a push when Stars Earn Stripes debuts in August. As a company, they crave any type of mainstream press too much to allow this opportunity to pass them by.

She may even get a run with the Divas Championship—whatever that means these days—as part of the promotion for the show. Eve, one of the better female wrestlers, returning to in-ring competition would also serve as a boon to the Divas Division, which needs some decent wrestling.

A feud with AJ may also be on the cards at some point, especially with AJ being named the new Raw GM—something that will inevitably lead to her clashing with Eve at some point.

It's been made clear on television that these two women don't get along and an AJ/Eve program could help revive the Diva Search winner’s struggling career and also give the company's stagnant women's division the grudge feud it desperately needs.

She could also serve as a manager to a male wrestler. It would be an interesting new role for her and it would give her something to do. One possible candidate is The Miz, whom she teamed up with on Raw last week to take on the team of AJ and Daniel Bryan.  

Summarily, as she attempts to navigate her way back to relevancy, there are a few options for Eve—she doesn’t have to fade back into irrelevancy. It simply takes some air time and a decent booking idea. Sadly for Eve, at present, most Divas in WWE don’t have either of those things.