Sproles Talks: Top 3 NFL Running Backs and Surprise 2012 Saints Season: BR5

BR5Daily ShowJuly 25, 2012

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BR5 recently caught up with Darren Sproles, the star running back for the New Orleans Saints. Darren has been lighting up the National Football League for the past few seasons on both the San Diego Chargers and the Saints. His excellence on kick returns and his unique pass-catching ability have made him into a major asset for the Saints organization.

Since Sproles has a keen eye for finding the hole in an opposing team's defense, we thought he was an ideal candidate to pick the NFL's top three pound-for-pound running backs. Sproles picked players who would likely go in the first or second round in any fantasy football draft in 2012.

After we talked running backs, we strayed into the upcoming season. Sproles tells us what he expects from the New Orleans Saints, even though they'll be without head coach Sean Payton for the entire season. Like his quarterback Drew Brees, Sproles makes interesting points that every NFL fan should check out.

The most amazing thing about the interview is actually what Darren did after: He worked out with his trainer in San Diego, and we got ringside seats to see him in action. Running backs are known for their ability to be quick and take a lot of physical punishment, so it is no surprise that Sproles is an athletic freak.

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