Rising Track Star Michelle Jenneke Draws Nude Offer from Sex.com

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJuly 25, 2012

Photo Credit: SportsGrid
Photo Credit: SportsGrid

You can't say you didn't see this coming. Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke is being asked by Sex.com to pose nude, and the world now waits her answer.

IBTimes reports (h/t SportsGrid) on a press release from XBIZ.com that Sex.com is a website that "allows you to gather, organize and share all the free porn you find on the web." 

Some of the press release follows: 

Sex.com is offering a “sizable donation” to the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) if athlete Michelle Jenneke agrees to pose nude for an exclusive photo shoot...

If Jenneke accepts the offer, Sex.com said it will donate an undisclosed sum to the ASC, pending negotiations with her and her representation. The ASC is an authority within the Australian government that provides financial support and other assistance to national sporting organizations.

We will assume the 19-year-old scoffs at the shady offer as quickly as she can get the breath to do so, because this is the last thing she needs. 

Jenneke took the world by storm with her simple dance routine prior to a heat in Barcelona. The video was taken down and subsequently uploaded by another with the complement of slow motion and a horrible song. 

We covered the moment like others around the globe, and an Internet star was born. It's amazing, considering the young woman will not feature at these Olympics, making Rio the earliest we will see her on the biggest of stages. 

Such a bizarre moment when instant fame is ignited comes with less- than-desirable fans, including smutty websites that would love to enjoy a boon of a few naked pictures. 

I say move along, because there is really nothing to see here. Jenneke would cause more harm by considering this offer for more than a millisecond. 

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