What It Would Mean to Become an Indianapolis Colts Community Leader on B/R

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIFebruary 20, 2009

Here on Bleacher Report, fans and writers alike are often consumed with the passion it takes to eagerly support your favorite sports team within this venue.

Never before or since has their ever been a Web site that has been so dedicated to enabling the great sports fans of this world with the opportunity to gain major exposure without the obligation of being professional certified.

Bleacher Report is a location for fans to be able to take the place of the deadbeat sports writers we hate and the brilliant sports writers we love.

For once, each and every one of us has an opportunity to make our opinions known and our voices heard.

Perhaps one of the most prestigious goals one could hope to attain within the landscape that Bleacher Report has provided is to become a Community Leader of a section for which you are most passionate.

Enter Ryan Michael.

I'm a guy that for better or worse has become plagued with the passion and obsession required to become an avid fan of a team who's season ended all too early.

For me, there is no offseason.

When the Pro Bowl ends, the NFL Scouting Combine begins. We have the NFL Draft, Mini-Camp, Training Camp, Preseason, and everything in between.

Truly, the season never ends in the NFL.

I find myself curiously more passionate and excited after being knocked out of the first round of the playoffs than I was after watching my Colts win Super Bowl XLI.


Every year that I have had the privilege to watch the Indianapolis Colts organization bring us another spectacular season of football is another year where my passion for this team multiplies.

I want my team to win more than anyone.

Perhaps that is why I take so much pride and value over every victory the Colts had in 2008. This is why I'm not completely devastated when it all came to an end.

I still find myself grateful for all of the fantastic memories the team provided for us fans during the 2008 season that I would never dare think of turning my back on them in defeat.

So as the offseason begins, my goal is to work my way up to becoming a Community Leader for the Indianapolis Colts section of Bleacher Report.

I do not care how many articles I have to write, how many comments I have to post, or how much work I have to do to attain this honor.

I urge all of you Community Leaders to never take for granted the honor that you have been bestowed.

Being a Community Leader makes you the face of an entire team within this site. Think of it like being the head coach of a team. Don't ever fail to appreciate what an honor it must be to lead a group of passionate sports fans.

Which leaves me to where I am today. My writer ranking and ranking within the Indianapolis Colts section is irrelevant if I don't continue to exhibit the passion I’ve had since day one.

Expect more of the same because no one loves the Indianapolis Colts more than me, and no one wants the honor of representing them more than I do.

My future is yet to be determined.