Brooklyn Nets: Cool Jersey Designs They Can Use

Alfred Garrido@@lfredgarridoContributor IIIJuly 27, 2012

Brooklyn Nets: Cool Jersey Designs They Can Use

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    Basketball arrives in Brooklyn, New York! At long last, the Nets franchise was brought to Brooklyn after a certain Russian billionaire bought it a couple of seasons ago. Honestly, the move thrills me.

    And now that the 2012-2013 season schedule was released, the atmosphere has changed a lot and went the rightful way, the competitive way.

    With color schemes and catchphrases released to hype the season up, one must wonder how the Brooklyn Nets jersey would look like. No official design has been released yet which made me grab the opportunity to show some awesome customized designs I found on the web. Here they are.

Custom Away Uniform

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    Source:, designed by Tim Gengler

    It looks like the San Antonio Spurs aren't the only team now that will look cool in a black and white uniform. This design could very well be the primary road uniforms of the Nets in their first season at Brooklyn. It is simple but truly wild that it can increase the sales of the Nets uniforms in the years to come.

Custom Home Uniform

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    Source:, designed by Tim Gengler

    Barclays Center would be filled with purity with these home uni's. The exact color conversion of the previous uniform which suits the "simple but wild" concept that most basketball enthusiasts prefer.

CK's Home Jersey

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    Source: thegraphicks, designed by: CK

    The jersey number embedded into the triangular backdrop below the front name of the suit is the highlight of this one. Just like the current Golden State uniforms which features a balancing shape at the center, this idea of a home jersey can be very well effective.

Brooklyn Zigzagging Away Uni's

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    Source: bluelefant

    It seems like curved city names in front of a piece of cloth is the in thing today. But that is not what makes this uniforms cool. See those zigzag lines at the sides? Familiar with them? Right, these jersey seemed to have sprung from an old New Jersey uniform which makes it more of a tribute uniform. Pretty nice to wear in special occasions.  

Star-Spangled Jersey

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    Another tribute-like uniform for Brooklyn. The idea of this one is to put the throwback New York Nets scheme into the picture which is a good mix with holiday games or other historical contests.

The Retro

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    Yes, yes I know these were the last New Jersey Nets Home uniforms. But I believe every NBA team has their own share of retro jerseys. I prefer these ones for the Brooklyn Nets. It wouldn't only show respect to the former city but would also show gratitude to a city who embraced the franchise despite frustrations in the playoffs. 

The All-Blacks

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    Personally, these jerseys make an NBA player look bad-ass. I mean, just look at Juwan Howard sporting those Miami Heat all-black jerseys last year, it made him look like a winner, which is his true identity. These jerseys will surely top sales if in case it would be released.


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    The uniforms you have seen are customized designs by Internet people and I must say that the anticipation for the official jerseys may grow stronger as the season nears its opening. One thing is for sure about how people think right now, whatever the jerseys may look like, however those jerseys should be made, all is praying that he may not design them. I mean, honestly, look at the logo.