WWE Raw 1000: Why the Rock Will Lose at the Royal Rumble

Shane DarrowAnalyst IIJuly 25, 2012

There were many ups and only a few downs when you take a look at how the 1000th episode of Monday Night Raw went down. There were some great reunions, especially DX's, and some storylines were advanced, while others stalled.

Just a side note, I think the Miz winning the Intercontinental Title is awesome, as a fan I want to see him around much more now that he is done being a world famous movie star... dash of sarcasm there.

But the most surprising thing to me was that the Rock came back and already has put himself in a match that is not even close to being here yet. I think that everyone and their mother knew that the Rock was going to return, but I didn't think he was going to be placing himself in a match for the Royal Rumble, which isn't until January, yet alone a match for the WWE Championship.

To be honest with you, the Rock is getting old to me, and I used to be one of his biggest fans. I was so devoted to him that I actually paid to see his movies. That is until Tooth Fairy came out and he decided to belittle the game of hockey and act alongside skateboarder Ryan Sheckler, but that's neither here nor there.

I mean seriously, a hockey player that turns into the tooth fairy? Okay sorry, I'm off this topic.

Anyway, when the Rock returned the last year, and started a feud with John Cena, I was pretty into it, and I understood what the WWE was trying to create. It was one of the most influential professional wrestlers of all time stacked against the guy who was currently the biggest name in the industry.

We all know how it ended, the Rock laid down the rock bottom on Cena, and frat boys everywhere went absolutely ballistic in excitement. I think for the most part, people were happy to see that the creative team was willing to write out a script where Cena loses.

At the time, it made sense. But now, it just doesn't. The match between Cena and the Rock had nothing at stake in the long run. It was an effort for ratings and it headlined a fantastic Wrestlemania XXVIII.

It shouldn't take a rocket scientist to realize that the fact the Rock is going to face-off for the WWE title at the Royal Rumble undoubtedly means that he is going to lose to whoever he faces.

Do you really think that the WWE is going to give the most prestigious title in the company to a guy that will be in two matches in a nine-month span from Wrestlemania XXVIII to the Royal Rumble? Absolutely not.

It is a waste of an opportunity for somebody else, and the only storyline worth following is who is going to have the title when it comes to that point, because they will walk out of the ring with the title as well.

My guess is that CM Punk is still going to be champion, because after his heel turn at Raw 1000, the creative team seems to be setting up the perfect feud: The people's champion in the Rock vs. the newly turned heel WWE Champion in CM Punk.

Bottom line, the Rock's shtick has gone stale, and whatever he's cooking is now burnt. In the long run, he is still my third favorite wrestler of all time behind Stone Cold Steve Austin and Goldberg, but it is time for him to give these comebacks a rest.

He is turning into the Brett Favre of professional wrestling, but hopefully the Rock decides to keep his cell phone pictures to himself.