WWE : Could This Year's Big Summer Storyline Be an NWO Reunion?

Michael BroughtonAnalyst IJuly 25, 2012

Over the past couple of summers, WWE has really shocked the WWE Universe with some of the biggest storylines to date.

First off was the Nexus, the group of ungrateful rookies who beat up on anyone and everyone. Then, who can forget the epic summer of Punk last year, coming off his historic shoot promo?

So this year WWE creative is under quite a bit of pressure to make something big happen again.

According to PWTorch.com, Kevin Nash has sent out a couple of tweets teasing an NWO reunion.

The thing that really catches my eye, though, is the fact that he claims CM Punk will defeat the Rock at the Royal Rumble because they have his back! Is he for real?

If he is, while it may seem great and all, it is again a moment where WWE is seemingly forgetting about the past. It is obvious that just last year Nash and Punk were arch rivals, though they never got the opportunity to settle things.

With that said, Punk and Nash leading an NWO revival would be absolutely great. Add in a couple of guys from the past and present, and we got ourselves a great setup.

Now, all of last year fans were jumping on the idea of NWO coming out and John Cena leading the charge, along with the Awesome Truth. However, we all knew deep down that Cena would not turn heel.

While it may seem wrong, we will never again see Mr. Cena as a villain. However, WWE may be looking back on it and rethinking the process, this time with another big name: CM Punk.

Since last year, Punk has seemingly slowed down quite a bit. After hitting a major bump in the road after dropping the title to Del Rio at SummerSlam last year, Punk lost multiple pay-per-views in a row and was beginning to look weak.

While he managed to rebound from it and is now our WWE champion, his run has become boring, uneventful, and stale. But this past Monday he began his transition back into a heel.

I, for one, am all for it, as it will breathe new life into his character.

Now, Punk and Nash will not be the only guys in it. While I wouldn't mind seeing a legend or two come back to manage a little bit, the stable would really need a few youngsters to balance it out.

A few guys that come to mind are The Miz, Mark Henry, Big Show, Drew McIntyre and Wade Barrett. These are just a few of the names that could become a part of such a dominant stable. 

NWO was always known for beating up on anyone who gets in their way, including authority. Since Triple H, the CEO of WWE, has something of a past with both Punk and Nash, they could easily target him.

Not to mention it is painfully obvious that Punk has strong feelings about The Rock, as he stated during his shoot promo. He would definitely become another victim if NWO does in fact reunite.

On thing WWE is lacking is a stable of any type. Whether it be face or heel, dominant or irrelevant, there's none to be found. WWE hinted at one last year with the whole Conspiracy angle, but never followed up on it, as usual.

However, this time will hopefully be different. Outside of this past Raw, WWE has been throwing out some pretty bad stuff and needs something to grab the viewers. A huge angle like this would definitely do the trick.

If WWE is looking for a big storyline, an NWO reunion may be in store, and what a treat it shall be!