Lance Armstrong Will Prove Critics Wrong

paul micskoContributor IFebruary 20, 2009

Over the years, Lance Armstrong may have been the most scrutinized and most drug-tested athlete of all time.

He has yet to test positive for any banned substance and it is still speculated that he was doping during at least part of his career. After all, how can someone once on his death bed rise again to such a high level?

Will, grit, and determination are such foreign notions to so many of us that we can't imagine someone working hard enough to rise from ashes to glory. Lance Armstrong is attempting to do it again. This time he is doing it under a microscope.

Lance has already called out the peloton and some of his critics, saying this is not about the race, but about the Livestrong Foundation—meaning more press for him, more press for his foundation.

I guess the rest of this story is yet to come, but my money is on Lance to come out on top and still not test positive!