NHL's Most Awesomely Entertaining Skating Fails

Tom Urtz Jr.@@TomUrtzJrContributor IJuly 25, 2012

NHL's Most Awesomely Entertaining Skating Fails

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    The NHL is a fast-paced game full of intensity and high-octane action. With the speed and agility involved, from time to time players will stumble and will make the weekly blooper reels.

    There have been some awesomely entertaining skating fails over the past few years, so this slideshow will attempt to chronicle some of the best fails.


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    Scott Hartnell is a player who is known for falling down. He has his own hashtag, and it is used a lot by Flyer fans when they want to have a laugh at the expense of their star player.

    Nonetheless, this was a pretty funny fail on the part of Scott #HartnellDown.

Milan Lucic Takes Himself out

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    Sometimes there are no words to describe what happens during the confines of a game. This is really one of those situations because Milan Lucic epically failed when he went to deliver a huge hit—it really backfired on him.

Stop, Streit, Stop!

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    Any person who has seen the film Forrest Gump will understand the slide title and the logic associated with this slide. Mark Streit was skating during the 2009 All-Star Breakaway challenge, and he saw one of the on-ice signs but he couldn't stop.

    Maybe next time there should be a sign to help him realize that he should stop skating. 

Down Goes Kovy

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    Alex Kovalev was once one of the NHL's most enigmatic players. He had speed, reflexes, skill and the tools to be a successful player.

    However, as Kovy got older, some of his skills started to diminish. In this clip it looks like he even forgot how to turn on a dime, and he ended up eating some ice. 

Ovechkin Not Looking so "Gr-8"

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    Alex Ovechkin is often called the "Great 8" or "Gr-8" for short. However, during this moment, Ovie loses an edge when he lines up for a solid one-timer. He bit the dust and failed to get a shot off.

    However, the television cameras were still able to record this epic fail.

Steven Stamkos Fail

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    Steven Stamkos is one of the NHL's top snipers. He has amazing moves, instincts and an amazing shot.

    However, during this fateful night against the Pittsburgh Penguins, Stammer lost an edge and ended up on his backside as he spun down the ice.

Sometimes You Need to Act Like You Have Scored Before

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    Sometimes karma plays a huge role in life. This player had just scored an amazing game-winning goal for his team, and he felt the need for excessive celebration. After the player leaps for the heavens into the glass, he ends up on the other side of the rink.

    Maybe if the player in question acted like he had scored before, he wouldn't have ended up in this slideshow.

Mike Ribeiro

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    Chris Osgood really should be ashamed of himself for his actions against poor Mike Ribeiro. The Stars center was minding his own business and then was assaulted by the Wings' netminder so bad that he lost his gloves on the play.

    Hopefully readers have their sarcasm detectors in working order because this was one of the most flagrant flops in NHL history. 

Patrick Roy Dekes Past Wayne Gretzky

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    This incident was pretty funny to watch live. The Colorado Avalanche were trailing against the New York Rangers, and Mr. Roy decided to skate with the puck up the ice. Roy showed some serious puck-handling skills after skating past the red line and Wayne Gretzky while holding onto the puck.

    I guess the fail in this video is on The Great One for not stripping Roy of the puck.

Down Goes Cujo!

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    Curtis Joseph was a player who was very enigmatic. He was a member of many different teams throughout his NHL career, and he is a goaltender who was a bit nutty at times. This clip really does a good job showcasing the rabid dog.

Marc-Andre Fleury Gets Really Excited

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    Skating out to the ice is one of the best feelings a player has before a game.

    The team is led by its goaltender, and the rest of the team follows suit. However, during this Stanley Cup game, Marc-Andre Fleury is so excited to get onto the ice that he tripped and fell.

Shea Weber Delivers an Accidental Body Check

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    Shea Weber will be a member of the Nashville Predators for the foreseeable future after the Preds matched the offer sheet he signed with the Philadelphia Flyers.

    In this slide, Weber attempts to recover the puck and escape the zone, but he ended up checking the net. It was a funny moment, and hopefully Weber has learned from his mistake 

Player Breaks the Cardinal Rule of Skate Maintenance

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    This is a pretty obvious fail because the player in question committed a dumb mistakes. One of the most important responsibilities a hockey player has is taking proper care of his personal equipment. 

    This player obviously forgot the most important rule in reference to skates. As a player, you need to always remove your skate guards because if you don't, you can end up on your face.

Patrik Stefan Blows an Opportunity to Ice a Game

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    Showboating will get you nowhere in life, and that was a lesson Patrik Stefan learned the hard way. Instead of taping a puck into the empty net, Stefan decided to get fancy, and he turned the puck over after losing an edge.

    The Oilers went on to tie the game with seconds remaining, and Stefan became a huge goat.

Dion Phaneuf Looks Like a Fool

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    There isn't much to say here. Dion Phaneuf takes a bump into the boards, and he forgot that his opponent's stick was between his legs.

    When Phaneuf looks to drop the gloves, his opponent pulls the plug and Phaneuf pulls a Charlie Brown for a hilarious moment.


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    Bryan Marchment really failed during this game. While attempting a dump-in, his leg buckled, and he lost balance. This is the fail part. What happened next was extremely unfortunate.

    At the time, his teammate, Guy Carbonneau, was attempting to complete a line change and the door was open.

    Marchment ended up hitting the door and was knocked out to the point where he had to be stretchered off the ice.

    It could have been a case of karma because Marchment was a player known for his attempts to injure other players.

More Shootout Fails

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    Patrick Eaves is another player who failed miserably during a shootout attempt. The Red Wing forward went to deke and dangle but instead ended up on his side while trying to muster a puck past the goaltender.

    This fail is pretty hilarious and one of the worst fails caught on tape.

Dennis "Wide"man Goes Just a Bit Outside

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    The commentary by Darren Pang is so amazing during this clip, I will let him explain the hilarious nature of this epically awesome shootout fail.

Jonathan Cheechoo Breaks the Boards

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    Jonathan Cheechoo is a former Maurice "Rocket" Richard trophy recipient who has spent some time in the AHL recently. However, as a member of the San Jose Sharks, Cheechoo lost his balance and ended up puncturing the boards with his skate.

    It is something that was very unusual, and it was a pretty strange fail on his part.

Devin Setoguchi Fails

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    Devin Setoguchi is another former San Jose Sharks player who ended up on this list of skating fails. With the game in the balance, the pressure mounting and the future of the game on his stick, Setoguchi attempted to even things up.

    He went in with a head full of steam, but unfortunately the Minnesota Wild forward over-skated the puck and lost an edge in one of the worst shootout fails in recent memory.

Down Goes Brown

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    Dustin Brown has had his fair share of fail moments. There is the infamous water bottle incident, and then there is this one. Brown's gaffe is laughable because he appeared to be in control up until the very last second.

    Once he got to the net mouth, Brown went down hard, and it was an awesome fail to watch live. 

Patrick Kane Shows That He Is Human

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    Patrick Kane became a huge sensation at the 2012 All-Star Skills Competition when he scored a Superman-like goal. He is a creative player who is always trying out new moves, but this was one shootout attempt in which Kane looked human.

    After Kane was denied by Tomas Vokoun, he stumbled into the boards in a hilarious and awkward fashion. This certainly was a fail on Kane's part.

Ryan Kesler Creates a Great GIF Moment

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    Ryan Kesler's terrible Wizard of Oz-like twister dive has been made into many hilarious GIFs accross the Internet. There are so many different incarnations that it is impossible to post them all.

    This is a huge fail on Kesler's part because it is blatantly obvious that he was trying to sell a dive.