WWE Raw 1000: Sean Mooney Causes Old School Fans to Mark out

William Renken@@williamrenkenCorrespondent IIIJuly 24, 2012

Photo from wwe.com
Photo from wwe.com

Well, at least I marked out for Sean Mooney's return, I should say...

I kept wondering how many of the young Cena fans had to ask their dads who that was interviewing Daniel Bryan. Probably the same scene when Slick came out to preside over the wedding of Bryan and AJ. (Many props to Slick for adjusting to the "What?" pauses as if he had been around for years.)

Even the guy I was watching the show with had trouble placing who exactly Sean Mooney was. But what a nice touch it was to see Mooney back in the suit with a microphone in his hand backstage.

Mooney was a mainstay on WWE programming from 1988-1993, not only interviewing wrestlers backstage but also commentating matches for various WWE shows and acting the host for many of the pre-shows and pay-per-views.

He eventually left WWE to work as an anchorman in New Jersey and later in Massachusetts, but Mooney did make another return to WWE in 2005 when Raw returned to the USA Network.

WWE found other uses for Mooney as well when he portrayed not only his twin sister Betty but also his twin brother Ian at times on WWE shows, which provided brief moments of hilarity and embarrassment for the future news reporter. Now residing in Glendale, Arizona, Mooney predominantly covers football and basketball for the University of Arizona.

With so much of the celebration for Raw 1000 being focused on the Attitude Era, catching a throw-away bit like Mooney working the microphone was as much a tribute to WWE history as it was the cable show.

Now if they could only dig up Todd Pettengill...