WWE Raw 1000: The Miz Back on Track After Winning Intercontinental Title

William RenkenCorrespondent IIIJuly 24, 2012

Photo from allsportnewspr.com
Photo from allsportnewspr.com

Between the Brock Lesnar and Triple H confrontation, AJ and Daniel Bryan's aborted wedding, and an apparent CM Punk heel turn in his title match with John Cena, what seemed to get lost in the shuffle was The Miz capturing the Intercontinental Title from Christian during the 1000th episode of Raw.

...and effectively put himself back into relevancy in the WWE Universe.

It wasn't too long ago that The Miz appeared to be in the doghouse of WWE after being fingered as the reason behind the low buy-rates of last year's Survivor Series as well as an apparent negative reputation in the locker room. (Not to mention the botched spot with R-Truth on Raw earlier this year that almost left Truth with a concussion.)

And yet after a little time away filming the third installment in the Marine series, The Miz looks to have weathered the storm with much of the ill feeling having been washed away with his victory over Christian.

Bottom line, this is an overdue ascension.

Going back to his WWE Title run, Miz showed he is more than competent on the microphone and can generate some of the best heat at a WWE show. In fact, it's arguable that he is one of the best talkers on roster right now. 

Wrestling-wise? He's definitely below Ziggler in terms of athletic ability, but he's also no worse than the criticism Cena gets. It is the one area where he stands to improve the most without question. Will we know exactly what is going on in the locker room and how most of the talent and officials feel about The Miz? Of course not. Was the criticism for Surivior Series justified? Absolutely not. Why, of all people, would you put the brunt of the blame on The Miz when Cena and The Rock are on the same card?

But with that all in the past, the company is needing an injection of heel talent in the championship ranks, The Miz is a perfect addition to the upper mid-card slots where he stands to benefit the faces on the rise such as the Tyson Kidd and Sin Cara.

The Miz is going to have his critics out there, and the critics against him are still going to look at his character as unappealing and wrestling skills lacking. His WWE Title run was not perfect, and his last year has been a journey raked against the company's rock bottom. Now back to a position of relevancy, hopefully, with any luck, the mistakes and shortcomings from the year previous will become the strengths that will elevate him as the new Intercontinental Champion.

After the events of Monday, how do you feel about The Miz being Intercontinental Champion?