9 Reasons Fans Will Hate Playoffs More Than BCS System

Joe PenkalaCorrespondent IJuly 25, 2012

9 Reasons Fans Will Hate Playoffs More Than BCS System

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    While the BCS is something that was been debated over for years, the new four-team playoff system will be something that ends up being just as controversial. 

    For years college football fans have been clamoring for a playoff system. Fans have been hoping and praying that one day their beloved sport would have a way of crowning a national champion through a playoff system.

    During this offseason, a system was put in to place to start to move college football towards that playoff feel, but only time will tell if it was enough. 

    As much as people would like to believe that this may be the answer, here are nine reasons why fans will hate this system more than the BCS system.

Homefield Advantage Works Against Teams from the North in Semifinals

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    While the site of the national title game is open to the highest bidder, the national semifinals will rotate between six sites, the Rose Bowl, the Sugar Bowl, the Fiesta Bowl and the Orange Bowl. The last two locations are believed to be the Cotton Bowl and another location in the south.

    While all of these sites are rich in history, they are all also located in the south. With fans already paranoid about everything favoring the SEC, this is just adds another log to their fire.

Really Doesn't Feel Like a Playoff

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    Let's be honest, the NCAA implemented a plus-one system and called it a playoff. The top four teams in the nation will get the chance to play against each other, but for the most part, fans were looking for more.

    For now, fans will have to take progress in baby steps and hope that this system continues to evolve.

Fans Want Bigger Field

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    While the system that was put into place feels like a plus-one system, most fans were in favor of a bigger field that at least saw eight teams going at it for the right to be called national champions. 

    With four teams, it still leaves the door open for possible conference champions to be left out and for other debates to break out. Fans were hoping for a playoff but are instead left with a plus one.

Doesnt Start This Year

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    A minor annoyance to many will be the fact that, despite coming to a decision on this matter, it still will not start this year.

    Fans have long been tired of the BCS system and now the wait will seem like an eternity. For now, fans will look at these next couple of years and wonder what it would look like under the new system.

You Don't Have to Be a Conference Champion

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    When you go to a bigger playoff field, it allows for some at-large teams to get in, even if they didn't necessarily win their own conferences. In a four-team playoff, you would think that winning your conference would be a must, but that is not true in this situation. 

    Under the guidelines of the new playoff system, being a conference champion may be used as a tiebreaker but is not a must. With this rule in place, the strength of the SEC schedule could allow us to see more potential rematches. 

    Remember how much we loved the last one?

Selection Committee

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    If the selection committee is as secretive as the BCS formula, fans will be up in arms, and the system will have no chance at working. When college basketball is selecting their field with a committee, it is hard for fans to truly argue that a team who couldn't get in to a field that now has expanded past 64, could have won it. 

    With the field only being four teams in college football, the selection of these teams could be extremely difficult, and if the reasoning is not transparent and consistent, than this system will not last long.

The Solution Is Still About Money, Not About a Champion

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    At the end of the day, moving to a four-team playoff was as much about making more money and retaining as much control as possible as it was about naming a true champion.

    If college football and its governing body wanted to make this about naming a true champion, they would expanded the field to a greater size and not stood in the way of what fans have been asking for.


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    At the end of the day, I believe that this system will support the SEC more than any other conference. With the ability to get a non-conference champion into the playoff, the SEC has the best chance of sending two teams into the playoff. 

    People outside of SEC country already have enough issues with the conference, mostly out of jealousy, and if this new system gives us rematches like the BCS did last year, people will  want it gone. 

May Keep BCS Rankings

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    So what is to become of the BCS rankings we already have?

    Will they be still used to help rank teams? Will we rely on the other polls for guidance? One way to ensure that people will hate the playoff system even more than the BCS rankings is by keeping the BCS rankings as a part of the formula.