Alex Rodriguez: BIG FAT LIAR!

Hot Stove New YorkSenior Writer IFebruary 20, 2009

After watching a-rod (lower case letters, because he doesn’t even deserve the shift key right now) leave a brown stain on his legacy in the Peter Gammons interview, things have only taken a turn for the worse.

First, the phony baloney press conference where Rodriguez read us some piece of fiction that made us wonder why he didn’t pursue a career in writing. It was a beautiful story of family and warm weather and over the counter magical kool aid.

Now, news has emerged that Madonna’s boyfriend has had a long-standing relationship (more infidelity on the Rodriguez front, as usual) with some shady trainer who has been banned from every MLB ballpark because he was caught with a duffel bag full of the good stuff.

Alex, give it up dude. We all know you’re a big dirty juicer. To say that you didn’t know what you were taking and that you bought it over-the-counter is an aberration. We’re talking about a guy who supposedly doesn’t eat fast food, who lives his life on a precise schedule, who probably sleeps hanging upside down in a hyperbaric chamber.

If A-Rod did steroids, he did them with a certified personal trainer who knew exactly what he was doing to a T and had everything documented and on schedule. In the end, it doesn’t even matter, because there’s nothing you can stick in your ass that helps you stop choking in the clutch.

You’re still a loser A-Rod, New York’s opinion about you hasn’t really changed that much.