Why WWE Champion CM Punk Did Not Turn Heel on Raw 1000 Like Everybody Thinks

Nathan GieseSenior Analyst IIJuly 24, 2012


"Do I have everybody's attention now?"

At Raw 1000, John Cena cashed in his Money in the Bank contract for a WWE Championship match against CM Punk. We all know how that match played out, so I won't go on to reiterate what has already been said before. However, at the end of all the action, Punk knocked out The Rock and walked away, effectively turning himself heel. In reality, his actions are not of a heel.

Punk did not turn heel on Monday night like everybody thinks he did.

By taking out The Rock, Punk made a statement to the movie star. With this message, Punk was trying to get the point across that The Rock does not deserve to have a Royal Rumble WWE Championship match. He should not be inserted into the main event simply because he is The Rock.

Having Rocky challenge for the WWE Championship may sound like a fun idea, but it makes zero sense. Sure, he's a legend, and it's always fun to have him around. But if a legend gets the call over superstars who spend all year working their tails off in order to get to a World Championship match—and Rock is just handed one because he's The Rock—what sort of message does that send?

Anyway, just because Punk took out The Rock does not warrant a heel turn. Maybe he was just frustrated that he can't main event pay-per-views after holding onto the the WWE Championship since November, but Rocky can simply by showing up. It's a slap in the face to the man who has worked so hard to get where he is today but continues to get overshadowed by the likes of Cena, Rock, The Big Show and even John Laurinaitis.

When you look at the beating Big Show was handing to Cena during that bout, Punk didn't know what to do. The look in his eyes showed he was uncomfortable with the situation. He didn't want Big Show to ruin the match, but he also didn't want to somehow get involved and have his WWE Championship taken away from him.

After Cena kicked out after the attack, you could see a sense of relief that the match could continue. It meant that Punk wouldn't have a dirty victory. That's not how the modern day Punk rolls.

Just because Punk took out The Rock does not mean he turned heel. We all know Punk has had his problems with Dwayne, as Punk prefers to call him, and knowing he would possibly have to defend his title against Dwayne could have just pushed him over the edge.

CM Punk has not been given the respect he deserves as champion, and inserting The Rock into the equation just lit the fire that already had gasoline on it. Right now, he's in the same position that Cena was in when he was feuding with Dwayne. Cena was essentially labeled the heel, because there were few who would take his side against the legendary Rocky.

Until we hear him explain his actions, we all need to take a step back and realize Punk is a tweener, not a heel. Taking out The Rock was just a way of sending the message that he is for real and will not back down from The Great One.

We all just need to take a minute, think it through and realize Punk is still the same man he was two weeks ago. Maybe a little more conflicted now, but the same man, nonetheless.