ESPN Missed One: Why JaMarcus Russell's Contract Is the Worst in NFL History

LaddCorrespondent IFebruary 20, 2009

ESPN’s Thomas Neumann created a list of the 10 worst contracts in NFL history. Michael Vick was No. 1 on the list with $37 million in guaranteed money.

This list is BS. OK, so Vick’s contract turned out to be pretty bad, but mostly because he chopped up a bunch of dogs. Who saw that coming? It’s like trying to predict that Pamela Anderson would eventually become a man. You can’t predict that.

That’s why JaMarcus Russell’s contract is worse. At least Vick had some talent at one point. JaMarcus sucked from the very beginning, and we all saw it coming (except the Raiders scouts and Mel Kiper, of course). He can’t even throw a screen pass GD! Six years, $61 million, $32 million guaranteed for that crap? Come on. That’s robbery.

JaMarcus’ only hope is if he needs glasses but doesn’t know it yet. Like Wild Thing. If he has perfect vision or already wears contacts, then he’s completely effed.

Original image via Grace.