WWE: Why John Cena Got Royally Screwed Last Night on Raw's 1000th

David LevinSenior Writer IIJuly 24, 2012


You could see the events of the night unfold before our eyes.

Daniel Bryan is left at the altar by A.J., who in turn accepts Vince McMahon's "proposal" of becoming the new Raw GM; CM Punk is pouring salt on Daniel Bryan's wound; we see Bryan, Punk and The Rock all in the ring together.

Again, you could see it unfolding before our eyes, and you knew something like this might happen.

But not the way it happened.

In the end, John Cena, Mr. Money in the Bank, "lost" his opportunity to gain the WWE Tttle, and in doing so, saw his rival CM Punk do what we all expected him to do at some point—turn heel.

Honestly, I thought Cena might be the one to turn during the match. I thought if there was one thing we all never would have expected, it would have been Cena making the turn to the dark side and surprising all of us, leaving us wanting more.

And for the first time in 10 years of watching him in the ring and on the mic, I felt sorry for John Cena. Because what was supposed to be John Cena, CM Punk and the match we all wanted, really became CM Punk and The Rock.

And when Big Show hit Cena with a right fist, we all forgot about the WWE cash cow.

The Rock stole the show again, and the part-time wrestler and glad-hander won millions of fans over.

Brilliance again at the expense of Cena, who has been taking abuse after abuse for the last six months in this company with opponents, losses, John Laurinaitis and, of course, Brock Lesnar.

And now, CM Punk turns on him and The Rock benefits. Not Cena. And truly, Daniel Bryan got screwed in all this because if he cannot find a dance partner, the best performer in the WWE may be left out in the cold.

Funny how that works, if it does at all.

John Cena technically became the first wrestler to lose his MITB opportunity. Will he get another one?

Who knows.

And right now, all of that does not matter. We are caught up in a potential Punk/Rock opportunity at another PPV (SummerSlam), and we aren't sure if major players like a Cena or Bryan will come into the picture.

Well, we know that because this is wrestling, and well, cliffhangers are only a week away.

But in the end, for now, Cena got the screw-job of his career.

And he cannot blame The Rock for it or even Daniel Bryan or even Big Show. We all knew at some point someone would lose a MITB match.

I just never figured it would have been last night.