NBA Trade Rumors: Grading the Best and Worst Targets

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NBA Trade Rumors: Grading the Best and Worst Targets
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There is no offseason in the NBA, so it should surprise no one that the rumor mill is stacked with potential trades. 

For GM's across the league, this is their postseason. They will be evaluated on the decisions that they are making now. Mistakes in July could cause front office employees across the league to look for a new job sooner rather than later. 

The rumor mill can be a dangerous place for die-hard fans because most rumors are just that, rumors. Many come to life due to speculation, while others may contain morsels of truth combined with false information. 

Fans everywhere must realize that if a trade proposal seems too good to be true, then it probably is. In theory, every organization in the league is trying to win and is looking to gain whatever advantage over the competition that they can. 

Before we rush to believe a rumor that could benefit our team, it is imperative that we analyze the potential deal from both sides of the equation. 

For example, the Dwight Howard to the Brooklyn Nets trade was destined to fail from the start. 
Howard is a top-five player and the Nets had very few assets that intrigued the Orlando Magic. It simply made no sense for the Magic to deal Howard for a package of players and picks that they didn't want. 

When Nets fans realized that, they clung to the hope that a third team could help them land the league's best center. That could have been dispelled quickly at the time because their are very few organizations in the league that want to help transform the Nets into a super-team like the Miami Heat. 

What crazy trade rumors are swirling around the web right now?

Here are a handful. 

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