5 Training Tips That Could Help Great Britain's Olympians Snag Gold

Wayne TestoriCorrespondent IIJuly 25, 2012

5 Training Tips That Could Help Great Britain's Olympians Snag Gold

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    With the start of the Summer Olympics only days away, athletes from around the globe have begun arriving in London.

    After years of training, these competitors are ready to put their finely-tuned bodies to the ultimate test.

    Just as no two athletes are alike, the same can be said about their training methods. 

    However, the one thing that is universal is that every athlete is always looking for that special training tip or technique that will give them the edge over their competition. 

    Here are some truly unique training tips for Great Britain's Olympians that could help them win gold.

Horse Hurtles

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    To enhance their performance, British hurdlers can take advantage of the United Kingdom's love for National Hunt Racing. 

    Competing side-by-side against thoroughbred horses and having to clear incredibly challenging obstacles such as fences, hedges and streams can help give these Olympians a definite leg-up against their rivals.

Synchronized Guarding

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    To give the British synchronized swim team that added uniformity and cohesiveness, they could get some training tips on precision and staying in formation from the Queen’s Guards.

Moat Vaulting

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    British pole vaulters can take advantage of the many castles that dot the country’s landscape.

    Not only do the stone walls provide a painful reminder not to fail, but the moats add an extra incentive for the athletes to get their utmost out of every one of their vault attempts.

An Archer a Day...

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    Great Britain's archery team can sharpen their training skills by employing the ultimate accuracy technique that was perfected by one of their country’s greatest legends, Robin Hood.

Knighting Duties

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    To help sharpen their skills, the Great Britain fencing team could lend a hand and sword to the Queen with her knighting duties.

    This delicate sword-over-shoulder maneuver can only help the fencers with their accuracy and bladesmanship.