Raiders Make Asomugha Highest Paid Defensive Back Ever

T.R. TaylorCorrespondent IFebruary 20, 2009

The Oakland Raiders have accomplished their most important goal of this off-season: sign Nnamdi Asomugha to a new contract.

The two sides came to an agreement Thursday. According to NFL Network's Adam Schefter, the three-year deal is worth $45 million and it could reach up to $50 million. The first two years of the contract are worth $28.5 million which is completely guaranteed. On the third year, the Raiders have the option to keep Nnamdi for the price of $16.875 million or the average salary of the top five highest paid quarterbacks, whichever is higher.

Nnamdi Asomugha played better than any defensive back in the league last season. You wouldn't be able to tell that by looking at his stats though.

Asomugha had one interception last year which came against the Carolina Panthers while he was covering Steve Smith. This is far from impressive on paper but you have to consider that he was thrown at only 29 times and allowed just nine receptions.

This year he had the challenge of covering players like Andre Johnson, Randy Moss, Tony Gonzales, and as mentioned above, Steve Smith. I don't know if any cornerback has had a more impressive year than this. Did I mention he did all this with a fractured elbow?

The new contract gives him an average of $15 million per year, making him the highest paid defensive back in league history. It's a steep price for the Raiders but he is worth every penny.