WWE Raw 1000: Lita Proves She Still Has What It Takes, Should WWE Offer a Deal?

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistJuly 24, 2012

We all knew going into Monday night that Heath Slater's recent string of one win and many losses to legends would be addressed, but nobody expected his opponent to be one of the greatest Divas of all time.

Lita came out after Slater issued an open challenge to the legends for a no-DQ match, and she looked like she could walk back into the WWE full time with no problem.

She was in great shape, clearly enjoyed being in the ring, and had the metaphorical stones to pull off a moonsault after several years away from the ring.

Her match was not just a one-on-one encounter as The APA and every legend Slater has faced in recent weeks made sure he did not escape the ring.

Lita got a great reception from the crowd, and the props she got for the moonsault and Twist of Fate prove the fans still have respect for one of the best women's wrestlers to ever step through those ropes.

With her impressive appearance, we will no doubt begin to see people wondering if she would ever make a full-time return to the ring.

While that prospect seems doubtful, we can never rule out a short-term return for anybody after seeing The Rock come back and wrestle after having left the biz for seven years, often stating he was done with wrestling and focusing on acting.

The current state of the women's division would certainly be no place for someone of Lita's value, but if she were brought back to help for a short time, then it could breathe some new life into an area WWE sorely needs CPR performed on.

If the bug keeps itching Lita after her appearance on the epic 1,000th episode of Raw, then maybe, just maybe, we will be lucky enough to see her return for a WrestleMania match next year against whomever is Divas Champion.

Did you think Lita still had "it" and would you like to see her back in a WWE ring again?