WWE Raw: Why CM Punk Will Be a Monster Heel

Trevor MedeirosCorrespondent IJuly 24, 2012

In case you’re not aware, CM Punk goes both ways.

The entrenched WWE Championship is equally brilliant as both a babyface and a heel.

For the better part of the past nine months, Punk has won over tons of WWE’s casual and hardcore fans with his wholesome, straightedge persona and his brutal honesty on the microphone. But now, after ambushing the Rock at the end of Monday Night Raw’s 1,000th episode, it appears that Punk is breaking bad.

And much like actor Bryan Cranston made a seamless change from the lovable Hal to the loathsome Walter White, Punk will have no problem transitioning back to his heel days when he was tormenting Randy Orton and was the leader of both the Straightedge Society and Nexus.

Seeing the new heel Punk pitted against the babyface Rock in what could potentially culminate in a WWE title match at next year’s Royal Rumble will be scintillating television, to say the least. For one, there’s always been suspicion that Punk isn’t the Rock’s biggest fan.

Last year, during his epic rant against WWE in Las Vegas, Punk noted that Rock was “quite the ass kisser.” Genuine tension between the two stars could create some pretty quality promos if WWE intends to make a Royal Rumble match between them a reality.

It’s certainly easy to envision Punk as a quality heel champion. The WWE writers could book Punk as a champion who’s become obsessed with keeping his long-standing title run intact—to the point where he wants it to make quite the dent in WWE’s all-time record books.

Maybe Punk wants to make history as the longest-reigning champion ever (although that would never actually happen; Bruno Sammartino once held the title for over seven years back in the 1960s), and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to reach that milestone. He could possibly do so by enlisting the help of mighty henchmen like the Big Show, or by joining forces with his good buddy Paul Heyman.

Perhaps Heyman, Punk and Brock Lesnar unite to form an unstoppable evil stable in an effort to take down the Rock and any other threats.

With Punk as a heel champion, the possibilities for his new character are endless.

And given how effectively Punk has played the ruthless heel in the past (as recently as last year’s WrestleMania against Orton), don’t expect Punk’s run as champion to end anytime soon.

It may just be getting started.