WWE: Why Brock Lesnar and John Cena Are Destined to Wrestle Again

Travis Wakeman@@traviswakeman10Correspondent IIJuly 24, 2012

Photo courtesy of wwe.com
Photo courtesy of wwe.com

The date was April 12, 2012 and the site was Rosemont, Illinois.

WWE was in town for their annual Extreme Rules event. Most of the talk centered around the main event of the evening, John Cena facing former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar in his first match in a WWE ring in over eight years.

Despite being busted open and spilling blood all over the ring, along with taking a serious beating from Lesnar, Cena managed to come out on top in the match.

It may have come as a surprise to many seeing Lesnar lose his first, and thus far, only match since his triumphant return the night after WrestleMania 28.

But was it really much of a surprise? After all, Cena had dropped a match the night before against The Rock, a match Cena himself called the "biggest of his life."

After disappearing for the most part following that loss, Lesnar is now embroiled in a feud with Triple H and a match between the two has been made official for SummerSlam in just under four weeks.

John Cena is still hovering around the main event scene, but failed to take the WWE title away from CM Punk on the 1,000th episode of Monday Night Raw, where he cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase.

So, while these two men now seem to be going in very different directions, it's imperative for WWE to put them in the ring again.

Why, you ask?

Lesnar reportedly signed a one-year contract that expires at WrestleMania 29, where Lesnar will likely have his final match for the company barring a new deal being signed between the two sides.

But since his return, he's had only one match, and that was a loss to Cena. Regardless of the outcome of his match with Triple H, Lesnar needs to get Cena in the ring again.

Going into WrestleMania 29, Lesnar will be put against a big-name opponent. He'll need to look stronger than ever heading into that match and a loss to Cena, along with another potential loss to Triple H, is not going to accomplish that.

WWE also needs to show that they don't want to make an example out of Lesnar because of the way he left the company back in 2004. So far, it seems they may be doing just that.

But Cena and Lesnar had one of the more unique matches in recent memory at Extreme Rules. Lesnar employed somewhat of a mixed martial arts strategy and, to his credit, Cena proved he could take it.

So yes, Cena got himself a huge win that night, but does Cena really need any more wins to get himself over? Brock, on the other hand, does need a strong victory, especially heading into WrestleMania 29.

They could book an angle where the two meet on an episode of Raw next March so that Cena's loss wouldn't come at a high-profile event.

They could do it so that Lesnar gets the victory after a ref bump or some outside interference in order to further protect Cena.

But the bottom line is, the two superstars need to square off again—only this time the result needs to be the opposite of Extreme Rules.

Will WWE make the match happen? Time will tell, and much will depend on how both superstars are booked between now and WrestleMania 29.

However, if WWE wants Lesnar's second run with the company to mean anything, he and Cena should be on a collision course towards a rematch, no matter the event, date or venue.