WWE: Top 5 Questions Going Forward After Raw

Joe McDonaldCorrespondent IIJuly 24, 2012

WWE: Top 5 Questions Going Forward After Raw

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    Welcome to the Raw 1000 edition!

    Tonight, we witnessed an angry Stephanie McMahon, the Undertaker’s return and a heel turn for CM Punk!

    As I do every Monday night following Raw, I present the top questions going forward. These questions are meant to stimulate conversation and give us pause, so we can examine current storylines.

    Shall we have at it?

How Will AJ Handle Being the New General Manager of Raw?

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    I do not think anyone saw this coming.

    AJ as the Raw GM? I suppose the WWE had to figure out some way to capitalize on her new found popularity.

    The interesting part about AJ is that she is unpredictable and clever. She may just be a breath of fresh air compared to some of the General Managers we have been getting over the years. I would not classify AJ as a heel or a face really, which makes her new role exciting.

    Did the WWE make the right move by choosing AJ?

    There really was nowhere else to put AJ except having her defeat Layla to become the new Diva’s champion. The Diva’s division is a disaster and AJ would not be able to single-handedly bring it back to life.

    The one thing we can all agree on is that her interactions with the superstars on the roster will be must see television.

    Are you satisfied with AJ becoming the new General Manager of Raw?

Will Brock Lesnar Win a Match in 2012?

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    Brock Lesnar has accepted Triple H’s match proposal. The two will meet in a few weeks at SummerSlam.

    The intriguing note on this match is that both men are coming off high profile losses. John Cena defeated Brock Lesnar and the Undertaker defeated Triple H, respectively, in both men’s last two matches.

    Brock Lesnar is not around long-term so my gut feeling is that he will lose to Triple H. Lesnar seems to be just making some easy money on a part-time basis with the WWE. Wins and losses are fairly irrelevant since the WWE is merely using his name to hype up some of their pay per views.

    A loss for Lesnar will not hurt him, but a loss for Triple H could be startling. Triple H has been the one trying to goad Lesnar into this match. A loss for Trips would make his look weak and I doubt any of the WWE Creative team wants that to happen.

    Who do you think will win this monumental match at SummerSlam?

Who Was Your Favorite Legand That Returned Tonight?

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    Lita, Sycho Sid, Doink, Bret Hart, Howard Finkel, and so many more WWE legends came out to celebrate episode 1000. I want to know who you were most excited to see.

    I have to say my favorite return was probably the Undertaker. It was great seeing the Brothers of Destruction back together one more time.

    Fans get so caught up in the “streak” that they forget about how much more there is to the Undertaker. He is one of a few men who were able to stay at the top of the WWE for over twenty years. There may have never been a more enduring character than the Undertaker in the history of wrestling.

    There is to wrong answer here. I just want to know who you were most excited about seeing. Let me know in the comment section.

Does the Rock Deserve to Face the WWE Champion at the Royal Rumble?

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    The answer is a resounding “no.”

    I am sorry but I need to be blunt here. I love The Rock as much as the next fan, but this is too much. He needs to earn a shot like any other wrestler. I think a lot of fans would have been excited to see him compete in the Rumble itself and win it.

    Instead he comes out and declares that he will face whomever the champion is over five months in advance.

    Seriously, does anyone think The Rock is coming back to the WWE permanently? Do you really think he is going to leave Hollywood for the WWE?

    This is nothing more than a smokescreen to have him face John Cena at the Royal Rumble only so he can lose and return the favor to Cena.

    At this point I have had enough of The Rock who is censored by the WWE and is only around a few times a year. I have heard the catch phrases too many times. If The Rock cannot return on a full time basis then I consider this a waste of my time.

    The WWE is wasting guys like Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes and even CM Punk by having guys like The Rock and Brock Lesnar headline events instead of the superstars who are already on the roster.

    The Attitude Era is dead. I was enthralled by it just as much as any fan. However, if we continue to cling to guys who have not been full time wrestlers in ten years then we will never witness the next great era of wrestling.

Should CM Punk Have Turned Heel?

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    The Big Show predictably interfered in John Cena and CM Punk’s WWE title match. The Rock decided he would come out and take the Big Show out but he did not count on CM Punk taking him out first.

    One clothesline later, CM Punk turned heel and turned his back on the WWE Universe.

    Some fans embrace this move but I am not one of them. I understand that Punk became stagnant over the last few months but does that mean he needed to go heel? Under that argument we could rehash the whole “Cena needs to turn heel” debate.

    The WWE just destroyed the only alternative wrestler fans had to John Cena. If you think Punk can go far as a heel champion, guess again. The only heel to even sniff the WWE title since May of 2011 has been Alberto Del Rio, and his two reigns combined for less than 90 days of the last 470.

    It is obvious to me that the WWE wants the fans to rally around John Cena, again, and we will be seeing Cena vs. The Rock part two at the Royal Rumble. The only difference this time is that John Cena will win.

    We obviously have to wait and see, but I do not see this as CM Punk being the “anti hero.” Some are even comparing Punk to Steve Austin. Austin would have nailed the Big Show and tried to win the match himself.

    I think this is a big mistake to turn Punk heel.

    What do you think? Let me know how you feel below in the comment section and be sure to list the questions that came out of Raw for you as well. Also follow me on Twitter @ClassicJoeyMac. It has been great interacting with all of you.

    Keep it classic!