WWE Raw 1000: Heath Slater and Jack Swagger Lose Again, What's Next for Them?

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterJuly 23, 2012

Photo from wwe.com
Photo from wwe.com

Jack Swagger lost to Brodus Clay after a single move.  Heath Slater lost to Lita.  Both men's careers are in a downward spiral. 

Swagger hasn't won a significant match in months.  Slater was chosen as the official punching bag for the returning legends. 

From the looks of things, Slater and Swagger are either on their way out of WWE or in line for a major storyline born from frustration.  If these two wrestlers are forced to serve as bottom feeders long enough, they may ask to get out of their contracts to explore other, less profitable options.

The size of a WWE paycheck can only heal a wounded pride for so long. 

The most likely scenario is that WWE is paving the way for a Swagger exit, but using his current losing streak as a motivating tool, it could turn into an intriguing storyline.  If Swagger continues to lose, at some point he may snap. 

Swagger's character needs a catalyst.  He's been an uninteresting and easy-to-forget wrestler.  A trip to rage-induced psychosis could be the best thing to happen to Swagger since his Money in the Bank win. 

He could take on more heel tendencies and cheat more and become more merciless. 

As for Slater, WWE seems persistent in giving him opportunities, even if they are all jobbing duties. 

There are more talented wrestlers and more compelling performers on the roster.  Choosing him as the man who got demolished by Raw's returning lessons is a sign that they at least have some faith in his ability. 

Now that the legends are gone, where does Slater go from here?

If WWE wants to see what Slater can do, he'll need a change. 

Having him hire a manager to help him get over his recent slump is the best option for him.

The move would give him some depth.  If Ric Flair does in fact return in a managerial role, he could take Slater under his wing. 

If Flair's star power and guiding doesn't do anything for Slater, perhaps it's time to wish him well in his future endeavors.