10 Greg Jackson Fighters You Would Never Call Boring

Montique David@@montiquedCorrespondent IIIJuly 24, 2012

10 Greg Jackson Fighters You Would Never Call Boring

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    Greg Jackson's Gym in Albuquerque, New Mexico has been a breeding ground for some of the greatest fighters in MMA today.

    Greg has won awards for Best Gym, Best Coach and Coach of the Year.

    But like they say, sometimes your reputation preceeds you. As great of a coach as he is, some of Greg Jackson's fighters have recently turned into cronic game planners. Natural born killers made into guys who run from the opposition and poke with jabs and leg kicks.

    Some even go as far as to say that pushing his fighters to follow strict "fight not to lose" game plans is boring and hurt the sport of MMA as a whole.

    But there are at least 10 guys who can't call boring that are under the MMA guru.

Leonard Garcia

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    They call him the Bad Boy for a reason. When he wins you can bet on it not going the distance, with 12 finishes out of 15 wins. Never one to back down from a brawl, Garcia is always moving forward and quickly throws game plans out the window after he eats his first punch.

    Two-time UFC Fight of the night winner.

    2010 Fight of the Year winner.

John Dodson

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    Season 14 winner of The Ultimate Fighter is one fighter you can count on to bring it in every fight.

    With five knockouts and two submissions to his name, Dodson is a good bet to finish. Winner of the TUF KO of the Season award as well as one-time UFC Knockout of the Night award winner, he can definitely finish in spectacular fashion.

Donald Cerrone

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    While in the ring, the Cowboy can certainly round up some wins.

    In six UFC fights Cerrone has won Fight of the Night twice as well as KO of the Night and Submission of the Night. So needless to say, if you watch one of his fights and call him boring, you should immediately go in for an eye exam.

Gina Carano

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    The former "Face of Women's MMA" is a joy to watch in the cage—when she's there.

    Still on hiatus from cagefighting after her last fight in 2009, the kickboxing sensation can get in a cage and truly make magic happen. With four of her seven wins coming by way of knockout, Carano is great to watch.

Carlos Condit

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    The Interim UFC Welterweight Champion is nicknamed "The Natural Born Killer" for a reason. When he's across the cage from you, he's looking at demolishing you.

    Now of course those of us with short memory will remember his controversial game plan against Nick Diaz which consisted of lots of stick-and-move. But there's one stat that shows just how dangerous he is. 

    26 finishes out of 28 wins.

    Before winning the Interim belt he had racked up three consecutive fight night awards, one for Fight of the Night and two for Knockout of the Night. Doesn't sound like a boring fighter to me.

Clay Guida

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    I'm in the minority of people who actually enjoyed his fight against Gray Maynard. Now of course, he could've thrown more combinations than he did but of course hindsight is 20/20.

    With that being said, Guida is one of the most explosive and exciting wrestling-based MMA fighters out there. Forever active with his trademark flowing hair going side to side countering his head movement, Guida is never one to gas.

    With 20 of his 29 wins coming by way of finish, it's safe to say that at least for now, it's hard to say that he's a boring fighter.

Brian Stann

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    It's hard to be called boring when your life story could one day become a movie.

    The former Marine and Silver Star medalist has the life most could only dream of. However, the men opposite the Octagon from him usually suffer nightmares. Finishing 10 of his 12 wins and also knocking out nine of those, there's nothing boring about this war hero.

Andrei Arlovski

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    With 16 finishes in 17 wins, Arlovski is a dangerous man. Many recognize him for his trademark beard but others recognize that he's just one punch away from turning your lights out.

    Arlovski has beaten some of the best and it won't be long before we maybe see him once again inside the Octagon.

Shane Carwin

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    When it comes to finishing, not many do it better and faster than Shane Carwin.

    Possessing dynamite in both hands and also with an underrated ground game, Carwin began his career with 12 straight wins all ending before the four-minute mark of the first round.

    With such quick finishes the only thing you need to do when watching him fight is don't blink.

Jon Jones

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    One-time Knockout of the Night winner.

    One-time UFC Submission of the Night winner.

    Two-time UFC Fight of the Night winner.

    When all is said and done, Jon Jones could have a stranglehold on the greatest-of-all-time debate. Bringing everything from spinning elbows and flying knees to elbow hooks, the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion will keep you engaged when he's in the Octagon.