The 25 Hottest Women in MMA History

Andrew Saunders@SaundersMMACorrespondent IIJuly 23, 2012

The 25 Hottest Women in MMA History

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    Let's face it: UFC 149 was an embarrassment. MMA fans paid their hard earned dollars for a PPV that turned out to be nearly unwatchable. 

    Sometimes the MMA world owes you an apology, and this is one of those times.

    Welcome to your apology.

    In an attempt to convince you that UFC 149 was just a bad dream that never actually happened, B/R MMA has put together a collection of the best that mixed martial arts has to offer.

    From Ronda Rousey to Arianny Celeste and many more, here is a look at the 25 hottest women in MMA history.

Holly Madison: Ring Girl

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    We kick off our list with an honorable mention who is most deserving of the honor.

    For one night only, at UFC 100, the Playboy playmate and girlfriend of Hugh Hefner graced the UFC with her presence by appearing as a ring girl. Madison is a big fan of the sport and has been seen at many events in the crowd.

    Madison isn't the only Playboy beauty on our list, as multiple UFC ring girls have posed for the publication.

Rachelle Leah: TV Personality and Ring Girl

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    Speaking of Playboy...

    Rachelle Leah has been a ring girl, the host of UFC All Access and the first woman in MMA to grace the cover of Hugh Hefner's esteemed publication.

    Leah's feud with Amber Nicole is an interesting read if you want an article that doesn't have as many pictures as this one.

    She wasn't the first to carry those cards around the ring, but she is certainly one we can't forget.

Edith LaBelle: Ring Girl

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    Former UFC ring girl Edith LaBelle was a favorite of fans before her dismissal a few years ago. That doesn't stop us from having fond memories of the 5'8" bombshell.

    According to reports, the UFC released LaBelle after falling ill and missing UFC 100. That sounds a bit harsh, but there was apparently some suspicion regarding the legitimacy of her illness.

    LaBell began working for the UFC in November of 2007.

Pauline Nordin: Fitness Model and MMA Dietary Expert

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    Star of "The Butt Bible" video workouts, Pauline Nordin trains in both Krav Maga and BJJ.

    The well-shaped beauty's strongest connection lies in her company, Fighter Diet, which helps fighters eat right before their fights.

    In addition, Nordin has also done MMA modeling for companies like Tapout.

Amber Nicole Miller: Ring Girl

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    Longtime Octagon girl Amber Nicole Miller left the UFC years ago. In a MySpace blog, Amber talked about why she left, and hinted that the fast-growing career of Rachelle Leah (and how she attained her success) was the primary cause. 

    Since her departure, the long-legged beauty has taken on a role as a spokesperson for Xyience dietary supplements.

    These days she focuses on her modeling career. 

Kim Couture: Fighter

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    Kim Couture is a feisty vixen who still competes at the age of 36. Then again, when you're married to Randy Couture, fighting into your later years just runs in the family.

    In an interesting coincidence, Kim Couture met Kerry Vera just six days after their husbands did battle in the main event of UFC 105.

    Despite having the fortune of training with some of the best athletes in the world, Mrs. Couture didn't have much luck inside the cage. With a body like that, though, nobody is looking at her 3-6 record as a pro.

Megan Olivi: MMA Journalist

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    If you are a gorgeous woman in the MMA industry, you are eligible to be part of this list. 

    Gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to journalist Megan Olivi. You can find her interviews with several of the top stars in MMA, including Dana White, Urijah Faber and more.

    A particularly entertaining piece is her interview with Sean "Big Daddy" McCorkle. 

Natasha Wicks: Ring Girl

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    Winner of the Maxim UFC Octagon Girl Search, Natasha Wicks' tenure in the UFC was short-lived, but the pictorial evidence of her time there is still breathtaking. 

    Starting her tenure at UFC 101, Wicks was released from the organization before the end of 2009 along with Logan Stanton.

    Her bad-girl personality shines through in several photo shoots, and it made her a hit with the fans..

Logan Stanton: Ring Girl

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    Another ring girl who has fallen to the wayside is the girl next door, Logan Stanton. With a petite figure and baby-doll eyes, Stanton gives the appearance of an innocent little girl that contrasts the intense action that takes place in the cage behind her.

    Along with Natasha Wicks, Stanton was released from the UFC at the end of 2009 when her contract expired.

Gina Carano: Fighter

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    It is truly amazing that Gina Carano can be so fit and so curvy all at once. The former American Gladiator-turned-Strikeforce champion has been out of the sport since 2009, when she suffered the only loss of her professional career.

    Since that time, the former face of women's MMA has made a name for herself in Hollywood. However, I don't think any of us would mind seeing her strip down at the weigh-ins once again.

Kyra Gracie: Fighter

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    Occasionally, the Gracie family does produce females. It's rare, but when they do, clearly, they do it well!

    Kyra Gracie is the granddaughter of Carlos Gracie and is training to make her MMA debut later this year.

    Don't think for one second that the belt she is wearing is just an accessory. Gracie lives up to her family's namesake and holds a second-degree black belt in Gracie jiu-jitsu.

Miesha Tate: Fighter

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    When Miesha Tate met Ronda Rousey for the Strikeforce women's bantamweight championship, it must have been the only time in history that Tate was not the hottest woman in the cage.

    Tate proves that Beauty and The Beast can be the same person, as her ferocious aggression in the cage led her to the Strikeforce bantamweight championship.

Amii Grove: Ring Girl

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    Originally brought to the world through the Miss Bikini World competition in 2004, British model Amii Grove is a ring girl for European fight promotion BAMMA. 

    Grove ranked at No. 66 in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women in the World for 2007. Additionally, she has been featured in major motion pictures such of Your Highness starring James Franco.

Corissa Furr: Ring Girl

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    Strikeforce ring girl Corissa Furr was brought to us by an online contest. Because of your votes, Miss Furr gets to walk around on our televisions wearing little more than a Round 3 card.

    Go ahead. Give yourself a round of applause. Your votes allow us the wonderful opportunity to view this brunette bombshell when Strikeforce comes on our televisions.

    Furr has also been lucky enough to be on hit television programs such as Entourage and Manswers.

Jade Bryce: Ring Girl

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    Bellator isn't just taking some of the biggest stars from inside the cage. They are also snagging some of the hottest ring girls that the world has ever seen. 

    Recruited for the fourth season of Bellator, Bryce is a former Playboy Playmate who donates a portion of her modeling income to non-profit organizations such as CRASH and Invisible Children.

Jennifer Swift: MMA Journalist and Tapout Model

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    Miss Tapout, better known as Jennifer Swift, is a model for Tapout and is also a writer for Tapout magazine, where she discusses such topics as her favorite positions (in the cage), submissions and much more. 

    The buxom bombshell lists herself as a ring girl on her official Facebook page, which includes several hundred more photos for your enjoyment. 

Kenda Perez: MMA Personality

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    You may recognize Kenda as the host of Best of Pride, and if you don't, then shame on you.

    Many of you B/R MMA fanatics know Kenda as the host of B/R's The Ultimate Show, which can be watched here.

    Perez was voted as a Top 4 finalist in Maxim Magazine's Hometown Hotties competition, which launched her modeling career with a layout in the magazine.

Michelle Waterson: Fighter

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    Sporting a 9-3 record, one-time Strikeforce fighter Michelle Waterson is one of the most beautiful people on this earth who can completely kick your ass.

    Holding one of the fastest finishes in women's MMA, Waterson defeated Rosary Califano via flying armbar in only 15 seconds back in 2010.

Ronda Rousey: Fighter

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    Look at this slide and the previous one. Remember when Chris Cyborg was the face of women's MMA? Do you see how miraculously far we have come since that time? 

    From the Strikeforce women's bantamweight champion's well-toned torso to her strategically placed tattoo, we should be eternally grateful that she is the best in the world, because Rousey posed nude for the body issue of ESPN magazine.

Kathleen Tesori: Ring Girl

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    Is Bully Beatdown technically considered MMA? For the sake of showing you this photo, I'm going to say yes! 

    Kathleen Tesori is best known as the ring girl for the MTV program hosted by Jason Miller, and she is also a bodybuilder and a model.

    Out of Warrior Fitness Center, Tesori has graced the cover of such publications as Max Muscle.

Mercedes Terrell: Ring Girl

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    Are you watching Bellator yet? If not, the beautiful Mercedes Terrell is enough to change your mind.

    I believe that by keeping a small panel of the screen airing footage of Terrell, people would actually be able to stay awake through Ben Askren fights.

    Terrell has been featured in music videos for Velvet Revolver and Diecast, as well as gracing the cover of more than 25 magazines.

Kelli Hutcherson: Ring Girl

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    Kelli Hutcherson is the reason why MMA fans need to protest the inevitable shutdown of Strikeforce. As a ring girl for the UFC's sister organization, any chance that we will see less of Kelli is absolutely unacceptable.

    With the personality of the girl next door and the body of a supermodel, Hutcherson was listed in Maxim's Hot 100 of 2011 and was the ring girl for Fedor Emelianenko's loss to Fabricio Werdum.

Arianny Celeste: Ring Girl

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    The one and only Arianny Celeste is undoubtedly the best known ring girl in MMA history. Working for the UFC since 2006, Celeste has become synonymous with the product through her Octagon tenure.

    Since joining the company, Celeste has been the cover-girl for Maxim, FHM, Sports Illustrated and even Playboy.

    Every rose has it's thorn. Celeste ran into a bit of legal trouble earlier this year when she was arrested for domestic violence after allegedly kicking her boyfriend in the nose.

Iryna Ivanova: Ring Girl

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    Thank God for small fight organizations like World Fight Federation. Without the Arizona-based company, I wouldn't have an excuse to include Ivanova on this list.

    The Playboy Playmate of the month for August of 2011 makes her home in Tucson, AZ where she is pursuing her M.B.A.

Brittney Palmer: Ring Girl

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    While Arianny Celeste is the most identifiable ring girl in UFC history, Brittney Palmer has a tremendous fanbase of her own that has championed her as the hottest woman the sport has ever seen. Consider me part of that group.

    Originally working world the WEC, Palmer transitioned into a UFC career when the organization shut its doors at the end of 2010.

    Palmer is a budding artist and has created pieces of art inspired by everyone from Dana White to the Red Hot Chili Peppers to Jimi Hendrix and more. You can buy works by Miss Palmer from her website.