Quick Hitters: Things I'm Pondering about in the World of Sports

Aaron MarcusContributor IFebruary 19, 2009

You mean to tell me that going into the All-Star break there were actually 12 players in the Eastern Conference that were having better years than the Knicks' David Lee? The NBA wants to make sure New York remains on the map, and yet Lee, who had a GREAT first half for an overachieving Knick club, failed to make the All-Star team? Apparently, there is no conspiracy in the National Basketball Association; much to my chagrin.
Rose was looking like the easy favorite for NBA Rookie of the Year, but now I'm not so sure. Lopez is looking awfully good, and O.J. Mayo is playing perhaps better as a pro than he did as a collegian.
By the way, anybody old enough to remember Sam Bowie? That's okay, you've got Greg Oden. Seriously, I feel awful for this kid.
As baseball fans, are we upset about the fact that guys were/are "cheating," or are we more upset that the guys that were caught—A-Rod, Clemens, Bonds—are the guys that we were supposed to tell our grandkids about as being on the same pedestal as Ruth, Gehrig, Williams, Mays, Aaron, etc. Well, at least we still have Junior. For now.
It's almost become vogue of late to bag on Brett Favre; lest we forget, I will stack up his five year stretch from '94 to '98 against any quarterback's, from any era. He hasn't tarnished his legacy one bit.
How good is Alexander "The Great" Ovechkin for the sport of hockey? Granted, he has a comfortable lead in goals scored, but did you know that he recently registered 13 hits in a game against Les Rangers at the Garden? That's right, 13 hits for the number two scorer in all of the NHL. And oh yeah, check this [expletive] out . . .
Need I say more?