How To Build a Good Wrestling Card

Ray FernandezCorrespondent IFebruary 19, 2009

I was reading some more of those inane and pointless Wrestlemania predictions. It lead to an epiphany. A good wrestling card is like a game of sudoku.

Yes, I know strange at first when you think of it. You need to have everything in order without repetition, you can't have a match/storyline that conflicts with another match and storyline.

I say this because someone actually proposed a Vince McMahon Vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin match on a card that would also feature Randy Orton Vs Triple H.

What makes this fall under the category of bad card is that if you have the Major Storyline being Randy Orton kicked Vince who was acting as a Face and defending his daughter, you can't have Vince who is still supposedly out of commission as a face, come back as a heel and feud with Stone Cold to sell that match if this supposed card, because it would be hard to make Steve into a heel or Vince into a heel and have Randy as the heel vs Triple H unless they worked quickly on TV to rework it which would then destroy the storyline.

A word of advice if you have a dream card think about it then think it over again and make sure that there isn't anything that contradicts anything else otherwise you will have a card that the fans would not buy into because the fans are not dumb (well most of them anyway).