CFL's Chris Williams Goes DeSean Jackson and Celebrates TD Too Early

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A word of advice to would-be scorers of touchdowns: Get in the damn end zone before you begin a celebration. 

Really, it's the only guarantee to not look completely foolish. 

Yahoo! Sports catches us up on the finer details of the biggest reason to slap your forehead and shake your head in shame today. 

Hamilton Tiger Cats' Chris Williams catches a Montreal field goal and takes it to the house, only he decides to dance and celebrate before getting through the front door. 

It all makes us remember the most recent and obvious NFL blunder, courtesy of DeSean Jackson's early celebration in his rookie year. 

For Williams, his season has been all about running back touchdowns. USA Today reports this would have been his fourth return for a TD this season, but instead he is famous for something else altogether. 

He takes a missed field goal all the way to about the 10-yard line before he turns around and trots, as if getting over the end zone is merely a chore that could be put off until later. 

The replay clearly shows he is taken down just a yard or so from his destination. 

Good thing for him, the Tiger Cats scored on the next play. 

Somehow this doesn't give me confidence that Williams has learned his lesson. 

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