The Hottest Olympic Athletes from 30 Different Countries

Zack PumerantzAnalyst IIIJuly 23, 2012

The Hottest Olympic Athletes from 30 Different Countries

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    The world is a melting pot of beauty, a smorgasbord of different styles and flavors. And in the athletic domain, where perfectly-ripped human beings are sculpted and groomed to look ideal, beauty is far from lacking.

    As we attempt to scratch the surface of the planet in search of the sexiest Olympians currently scraping the gravel, several lovely ladies stand tall above the competition.

    Among the 205 countries set to compete at the 2012 London Games are 30 that offer a diverse array of exotic female athletes, each searching for that edge.

    Let's take a look at 30 sexy Olympians from 30 countries.

    Enjoy the world of beauty.

30. Jessica Ennis: Great Britain

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    English track and field legend who specializes in everything under the sun. Jessica Ennis also happens to be the current British national record holder for both the heptathlon and the indoor pentathlon. 

    An award-winning spark plug.

29. Luuka Jones: New Zealand

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    The first female canoe slalom paddler to represent New Zealand at the Olympic Games, Luuka Jones remains the pride and joy of her country. A budding legend.

28. Xue Chen: China

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    Standing at 6'3", volleyball gal Xue Chen will look to build on her bronze-winning performance at the '08 Games. Her focus will never be questioned.

27. Agnes Szavay: Hungary

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    The 2007 Newcomer of the Year is now looking forward to her next chapter...Olympic tennis prosperity.

26. Marketa Slukova: Czech Republic

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    Beach volleyballer from the Czech Republic with an obvious tendency to stare-down cameramen. Beautifully intimidating.

25. Maja Wloszczowska: Poland

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    She may be missing her flight to London because of a foot injury, but Polish road cyclist Maja Wloszczowska (that's fun to say) still remains the highlight of Poland's national squad.

24. Tatiana Ariza: Colombia

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    Colombian footballer with a laid-back demeanor. Obviously the perfect compliment to any type of environment.

23. Noel Barrionuevo: Argentina

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    With a bronze at the '08 Beijing Games already under her belt, field hockey star Noel Barrionuevo can look to approach the top step of the podium at this year's Olympics.

22. Paola Espinosa Sanchez: Mexico

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    A bronze medal in the 10-meter Synchronized Platform from the '08 Games is all Mexico's Paola Espinosa Sanchez has on her Olympic resume thus far. That may change very soon.

21. Kaylyn Kyle: Canada

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    Midfielder for the Canadian national soccer team. Elegant, classy, breathtaking.

20. Victoria Azarenka: Belarus

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    The current women's tennis World No. 1 looks to continue her streak of dominance at the '12 London Games. Victoria Azarenka is simply living the dream.

19. Catalina Ponor: Romania

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    This beautiful Romanian artistic gymnast secured three gold medals the '04 Athens Games. It's time for Catalina Ponor to recapture her Olympic promise.

18. Veronica Campbell-Brown: Jamaica

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    This five-time Olympic medalist is known for being the second woman in history to win two consecutive Olympic 200-meter events (to Germany's Bärbel Wöckel at the 1976 and 1980 Olympics).

    Sprinting headlines her prowess.

17. Nicole Reinhardt: Germany

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    German sprint canoer who won a gold at the '08 Beijing Games.

    Nicole Reinhardt seems determined to build off her previous success.

16. Tsvetana Pironkova: Bulgaria

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    She was once known for having defeated Venus Williams three times at Grand Slam tournaments. But Bulgaria's No. 1 tennis gal now seems determined to flood her resume with Olympic hardware.

15. Erika Cristiano Dos Santos: Brazil

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    Brilliant defender for the Brazilian national soccer team. A constant force to be reckoned with.

14. Dominika Cibulkova: Slovakia

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    Slovak tennis player with a flair for the dramatic. And a skillful backhand.

13. Josefine Oqvist: Sweden

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    She was Swedish Rookie of the Year in 2003. Now, footballer Josefine Oqvist is an established veteran on a steamy squad.

    Confidence is always key to success.

12. Christina Vukicevic: Norway

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    Breathtaking Norwegian hurdler Christina Vukicevic is one magical performance away from greatness. She continues to defy gravity.

11. Caroline Wozniacki: Denmark

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    Humorous, beautiful and talented. Former World No. 1 tennis phenom Caroline Wozniacki is a Danish delight. Perhaps the perfect female athlete.

10. Laure Boulleau: France

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    Defender on the French national soccer team. Some might call her a french-fried wallpaper, because she coats her defensive zones with beauty and efficiency.

9. Melanie Adams: Australia

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    This lovely Aussie pole vaulter is still looking to gain exposure as a blossoming Olympian. Melanie Adams sightings are always historic.

8. Ellen Hoog: Netherlands

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    This Dutch striker has blue eyes that glitter like crystallized stones in a tarnished environment. A field hockey gem.

7. Ana Ivanovic: Serbia

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    The sexiest part of Serbian culture, former World No. 1 tennis star Ana Ivanovic continues her ascent toward greatness with every deadly stare and aggressive forehand.

6. Leryn Franco: Paraguay

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    While scraping the line between model and athlete, javelin tosser Leryn Franco continues to hone her all-around abilities. She is a beautiful champion.

5. Darya Klishina: Russia

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    Russian long jumper searching for her first Olympic medal.

    Some might call her the athletic Gisele Bundchen.

4. Marta Menegatti: Italy

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    Volleyball star with a crowd-silencing smile. Few provoke such resulting approval.

3. Alex Morgan: United States

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    Once the youngest player on USA's roster at the 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup, Alex Morgan now sees herself a pivotal figure in her team's Olympic success.

    One year later and she's already a crafty veteran.

2. Katie Taylor: Ireland

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    She's the current Irish, European and world women's boxing champion and a footballer for the Republic of Ireland. Katie Taylor is far from one-dimensional. 

1. Antonija Misura: Croatia

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    Skilled basketball player for the Croatian national club. World-class smile with a deceptive dominance.

    World beware.