WWE: Why Michael Cole Should Be the New GM

Justin LaBarFeatured ColumnistJuly 23, 2012

Michael Cole should be the next permanent GM of Raw and Smackdown. There isn't a better fit that's a realistic option.
So before you get upset on the comments with the notion of Cole having the on-camera role, remember me stating the stipulation of “realistic option.”

Authority figures should always be heels. If there is ever a good guy in power, he needs someone to share power with on the opposite side. Eric Bischoff and Steve Austin did a great job at this when controlling Raw.

You have a show based on conflict and resolve—who wants a good guy pulling the strings?

People despise others who have power, especially who abuse it. People hate those who have power and feel they are better than others because of it. People hate when those who have power use it to politically help their favorites advance.

All elements of Michael Cole's character excels in the WWE Universe. Fans love to hate Cole. Fans love to hate on Cole when he claims how much better he is than Jim Ross. Fans love to hate on how Cole loves The Miz.

Why deprive them of this pleasure?

Give them the pleasure of being able to hate Cole in a position of power and the pleasure of hearing Jim Ross back on commentary. Everybody wins.

Early in the show we find out Jim Ross is back to being the regular voice on commentary, the pop would be huge. Great way to start off the beginning of the historic Raw episode. This would especially be a great way to start if you're trying to bring back older casual fans who certainly are more familiar with Jim Ross than Michael Cole.

You capitalize off people riding high with excitement of JR's return and then later in the evening when the GM gets announced—out comes Michael Cole. If you went in reverse, announced Cole as the GM first, the fan reactions and surprise wouldn't be as affective.

You make Michael Cole the GM, but let him know that the board of directors will keep him under constant review because they don't want another situation getting out of hand like it did with John Laurinaitis. This would allow Cole to be the perfect boss people hate. Let him portray the boss who is miserable to be around day to day but if his higher superior is around, he changes his tone.

Cole already has the GM shtick down. “May I have your attention please,” for every entrance he makes. “And I quote,” for every major announcement he is going to make. Keep it simple.

The anonymous GM got more heat than any authority figure since Vince McMahon in the '90s. The reality is, Michael Cole got the heat since he was relaying the GM's orders. This turned Cole into a bigger star heel anybody ever would have predicted. If you have it, take it and run.

Jim Ross is good at knowing the right thing to say at the right time, which sometimes can be little or nothing at all. Ross is the narrator of so many classic moments. Michael Cole, through WWE's direction, has taken over broadcasts with his heel persona which is exactly what the authority figure is meant to do.

Let Ross do what he does best and Cole do what he does best. Next step, let some wrestlers be themselves. Imagine the results if we let a Hennig be a Hennig, and not a McGillicutty!