Tony Stewart: The Most Powerful Man In Nascar, Goodyear Is No Match For Tony!

al asifyouknowSenior Analyst IFebruary 19, 2009

    I asked my boss a question, sir if I told you the product I'm selling stinks, what would you say about that, his answer was very plain and simple "get the %#%$# out of here". I bet you that would be the answer most of you would get if you asked your boss the same question. Agree?

  I'm sure your saying, "but Tony is selling nothing", well, actually he is, you could say he is like a rep from NASCAR who is selling Goodyear tires, do you think Goodyear is in it for sport? heck no, they want to sell tires.

  There is always the exception, if your really good and you make them more money than you lose them, you probably can do and say whatever you want.

   That must be the place where Tony Stewart stands with NASCAR, after he pounded Goodyear last week, I was sure NASCAR would come down on him, unless they did it in private, as far as I know, mum is the word. Do you think NASCAR had a talk with Stewart? please inform me.

    Goodyear probably has had just about enough from Tony Stewart, in  Goodyear's big picture Mr. Stewart might be more trouble then they need in this tuff economic times.

    As I said in a previous article on this subject (the link is below) I guess is just Tony being Tony and is NASCAR thinking he helps them more than he hurt them and Goodyear, well they just have to take it and apologize to all. Just got to love this soap opera don't you?