2013 NBA Mock Draft: Post-Summer League Edition

Bryant Knox@@BryantKnoxFeatured ColumnistJuly 23, 2012

2013 NBA Mock Draft: Post-Summer League Edition

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    The 2012 NBA Draft class was one of the most talented groups to enter the league in recent memory, and as a result, the 2013 class could prove to be a bit of a letdown.

    It seemed like very few first-round selections remained in school this year, meaning next season’s class could see a significant drop off when it comes to talent.

    The draft won’t be all bad, as there are a handful of names near the top who will make headlines all season, but at least for now, don’t expect the same depth that we saw this year.

    Here’s a look at what the 2013 draft would look like with this year’s draft order by team record.

1. Charlotte Bobcats—Nerlens Noel

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    Having missed out on Anthony Davis, the Charlotte Bobcats would be hard-pressed to pass on such a similar prospect in Nerlens Noel next year.

    Simply put, Noel is a shot-blocking machine.

    At 6’11”, 215 pounds, he can affect virtually any shot that’s attempted in the lane. He is a long, athletic leaper whose 7’4” wingspan will only help him at the next level.

    He’s going to need to add strength if he wants to play center, but regardless of which position he plays, his timing on defense would earn him a spot in the Bobcats’ lineup immediately.

    Like Davis, Noel’s defensive presence isn’t limited to the paint. He can step out and contest jump shots, which can occasionally lead to fast break opportunities for his teammates.

    On the other end of the floor, he has a decent jump hook, but it will be interesting to see if he can add to his offensive skill set as a Kentucky freshman next season.

2. Washington Wizards—Shabazz Muhammad

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    Shabazz Muhammad might prove to be the most talented player in the entire 2013 class.

    A potential one-and-done freshman at UCLA next season, the 18-year-old prospect averaged 29.4 points and 10.1 rebounds during his senior year of high school.

    At 6’6”, Muhammad is slightly undersized for the small forward position, but his extreme athleticism and slashing ability makes him a fantastic finisher above the rim.

    He needs to add consistency to his outside shot, but he is still a threat to knock down threes when left alone on the perimeter.

    Defensively, he can be a serious nuisance with his physical play and the ability to lock down passing lanes.

    According to Rivals.com, Muhammad is ranked as the No. 1 prospect among incoming freshmen, and Scout.com has him as No. 2 behind Nerlens Noel.

3. Cleveland Cavaliers—Alex Poythress

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    The Cleveland Cavaliers could make a push at the playoffs next season, but if they find themselves in the top-3 of the draft, Alex Poythress would be a good option to add to their perimeter.

    A 6’7”, 215 pounds, the small forward could make the jump to the NBA as a dangerous perimeter player with his athleticism and versatility.

    He can shoot the ball, drive past defenses and finish at the rim either in both fast-break and post-up situations.

    Poythress will attend Kentucky next year, and he should find success at the collegiate level by beating defenders all over the floor.

4. New Orleans Hornets—Cody Zeller

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    Having lost Chris Kaman and Emeka Okafor this offseason, the New Orleans Hornets could look to further bolster their frontcourt in the NBA draft next year.

    This is where Cody Zeller comes into play.

    The Indiana center had a solid freshman season averaging 15.6 points, 6.6 rebounds and 1.2 blocks per game, but he should certainly benefit from another year at the collegiate level.

    Zeller needs to add strength, but as a big man who can beat his defenders down the floor, he can take advantage in the fast break early in his career.

    Despite needing to bulk up, he is a surprisingly good scorer around the rim.

    His basketball IQ and decent ball-handling ability will be welcomed skills if the Hornets place him next to Anthony Davis in 2013.

5. Sacramento Kings—Adonis Thomas

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    With a number of post players occupying the top of the next year’s lottery, the Sacramento Kings could find themselves reaching if they don’t land Shabazz Muhammad.

    Adonis Thomas could be the player they take a chance on, but he could also prove to be a top-tier talent after the college basketball season.

    A bit of a tweener, Thomas is going to have to improve his jump shot to be a true small forward at the next level.

    At 6’7”, 217 pounds, he can use both his speed and strength to wear down defenders, as he’s extremely physical in the paint.

6. Brooklyn Nets—James Michael McAdoo

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    James Michael McAdoo is likely going to be a top-5 talent heading into the 2013 NBA Draft.

    At 6’9”, 223 pounds, he is an extremely skilled power forward who can make a difference at the rim on both offense and defense.

    After watching his stock fall in last year’s ultra-talented draft class, McAdoo opted to return to North Carolina for his sophomore season.

    With players such as John Henson, Tyler Zeller, Harrison Barnes and Kendall Marshall all gone from last year’s team, don’t be surprised to see McAdoo become the go-to player on the Tar Heels next year.

7. Golden State Warriors—Isaiah Austin

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    There aren’t many players out there who have the kind of game Isaiah Austin has.

    At 7’0” tall, Austin is an excellent defender, but it’s on the offensive end where he’ll remain unique to most big men.

    He runs the floor extremely well, has a decent deep-range jump shot and can even handle the ball when need be.

    His perimeter skill set and pick-and-pop capabilities make him a dangerous weapon that will spread the floor in any offense, but if he’s going to play center in the NBA, he’ll need to add strength and a low-post game, as he’ll be bullied by stronger players.

8. Toronto Raptors—Rudy Gobert

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    Rudy Gobert is another big man who can run the floor extremely well.

    Although you’re probably not going to see the perimeter skills that Isaiah Austin has, the big man from France can hurt defenses big time with his athleticism.

    At 7’1”, 220 pounds, Gobert should be one of the tallest players in the draft.

    A 7’9” wingspan doesn’t hurt either, as he can certainly make plays with his length and high leaping ability.

9. Detroit Pistons—Tony Mitchell

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    Tony Mitchell has great speed for a 6’8” small forward and his leaping ability makes him difficult to defend in transition.

    He needs to work on his jumper and add strength to his game, but with an excellent motor, there’s no reason to believe he’s done improving.

    Mitchell is a very talented player, but playing at North Texas next year, he could find himself flying under the radar for the 2013 draft.

10. Minnesota Timberwolves—Steven Adams

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    The Minnesota Timberwolves should look to add size to their roster, and having missed out on the true seven-footers earlier in the draft, they could look to add Steven Adams at this point in the lottery.

    At 6’10”, 240 pounds, Adams is physically ready for the NBA.

    His strength and positioning give him the edge in the paint, while his soft hands and surprising mobility will separate him from most physical big men.

    A good defender, Adams makes life difficult for offensive post players with his long arms and ability to stand his ground. 

11. Portland Trail Blazers—Anthony Bennett

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    If Anthony Bennett is a one-and-done freshman at UNLV, he’ll likely enter the league as a late lottery pick next year.

    At 6’8”, he is a bit undersized for the power forward position. His post game relies on power, and at the NBA level, it’s going to be tough to bully bigger bodies night in and night out.

    That being said, he is an extremely skilled prospect.

    He can score from virtually anywhere on the court, he is a good rebounder and he has fantastic leaping ability.

    If the Trail Blazers find themselves in the lottery again next season, a player with Bennett’s athleticism and skill set could duplicate what they get out of J.J. Hickson off the bench.

12. Milwaukee Bucks—Patric Young

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    After trading away Andrew Bogut for Monta Ellis last season, the Milwaukee Bucks could be another team looking to add size to their roster.

    Patric Young is undersized for an NBA center, but at 6’9”, 245 pounds, he can impose a powerful presence on the defensive end.

    His excellent motor just might outweigh the fact that he’s undersized, as he has shown to be a very good rebounder and shot-blocker so far with the Florida Gators.

13. Phoenix Suns—Archie Goodwin

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    Having missed out on Eric Gordon and O.J. Mayo this offseason, the Phoenix Suns could look to reach a bit and take Archie Goodwin if they land themselves in the lottery next year.

    Goodwin is a 6’5” shooting guard who has excellent ball-handling skills and can run a fast break like a point guard.

    Known more as a finisher at the rim, Goodwin needs to add consistency to his jump shot, but as a combo guard, his unselfish play allows others to get involved when his shot isn’t falling.

14. Houston Rockets—B.J. Young

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    As of right now, it wouldn’t be too big of a shock to see the lottery go by without a single point guard taken in next year’s draft.

    B.J. Young is a good, young point guard, but his jump shot is going to need improvement if he’s going to be the scoring guard he’s expected to be.

    Luckily for Young, he can score in other ways than just shooting.

    He is quick with the ball, can explode off the dribble and attacks the basket with a very good floater.

15. Philadelphia 76ers—Myck Kabongo

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    Myck Kabongo has a chance to be the first point guard taken next summer, but a knock on him could be that he doesn't have the size of a B.J. Young.

    That being said, he is much more of a pure point guard who excels with his court vision and ability to lead and offense.

    Kabongo also has a better shot than Young with the ability to knock down jumpers from beyond the arc.

    Having averaged only 9.6 points in 30-plus minutes per game last year, he’ll have a big impact in the passing game and likely leave the scoring to his teammates at the next level.

16. New York Knicks—Kyle Anderson

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    Kyle Anderson is a 6’8” point forward who can virtually play any of the perimeter positions next season.

    He needs to improve his three-point shot, but he has a good mid-range game and is a fantastic passer.

    Anderson sets up his teammates nicely and has proven to be a winner.

17. Dallas Mavericks—Dario Saric

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    Dario Saric is just 18 years old, but his game is starting to look like that of an NBA prospect.

    The Croatian small forward is 6’10” and has great length, which has helped him become an excellent rebounder overseas.

    He’s a very good ball handler with exceptional court vision, but he’s been known to turn over the ball far too often, which is something he’ll need to work on as he prepares for the NBA.

18. Utah Jazz—Ricardo Ledo

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    The Utah Jazz just added Mo Williams to their roster this summer, but acquiring more depth at the point guard position could be their goal in the 2013 NBA Draft.

    Ricardo Ledo is a big-time point guard with big-time size.

    At 6’6”, Ledo has the skill set to be a No. 1 option on offense. His step-back jumper is deadly and he can run the isolation with the best of them.

    Ledo is a prime example of a player whose stock should rise if he stays in college and works on getting his teammates involved, but as a possible high-volume scorer next year, the NBA might be calling his name after his freshman season.

19. Orlando Magic—Mason Plumlee

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    Nobody knows what the Orlando Magic are going to look like next year, but at this point in the draft, Mason Plumlee could be a good find if he has a solid senior season.

    Plumlee has never stood out as a star player, but he’s gotten progressively better with each season he’s been at Duke so far.

    The 6’10” power forward is a great defensive player and if he can add more offense to his game then he’ll be a dangerous player at the NBA level.

    His senior season could be one giant breakout performance, and if that’s the case, he’s going to find himself taken earlier rather than later next year.

20. Denver Nuggets—LeBryan Nash

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    LeBryan Nash is an incredible athlete whose explosive leaping ability and NBA body will translate nicely to the NBA game.

    Nash is the kind of player who is going to play physically on both ends on the court, as he’ll lock down a scorer and then dunk on him the very next possession.

    The 6’7” small forward is a versatile presence on offense, as he can also play with his back to the basket deep in the paint.

21. Boston Celtics—Michael Carter-Williams

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    Michael Carter Williams didn’t stand out much during his freshman season with Syracuse, but he’s a big-time scorer who can shoot the ball from behind the arc.

    He’s an aggressive offensive player with a great first step, but he was never a big part of Syracuse’s offense last year.

    The Boston Celtics have had a great offseason this year, which could give Williams the time he needs to develop his game before becoming an integral part of their rotation.

22. Los Angeles Clippers—C.J. McCollum

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    With a couple of aging shooting guards on their roster, the Los Angeles Clippers could look to take an up-and-coming perimeter player wherever they land next season.

    C.J. McCollum is a big-time scorer who can also fill a stat sheet.

    Having averaged 21.9 points, 6.5 rebounds and 2.6 steals last year for Lehigh, he is one of the more dynamic players in all of college basketball.

    The problem? He’s completely undersized for an NBA 2-guard.

    At just 6’3”, 190 pounds, it’s going to be difficult for him to transition to the next level, especially considering that he lacks the elite athleticism to make up for his size.

    He excels in so many areas that somebody will take a chance on him, but the concerns are going to be there when scouts look at him in next year’s draft.

23. Atlanta Hawks—Otto Porter

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    Out of Georgetown, Otto Porter is a 6’8” small forward who uses ball-handling skills to excel in the mid-range game.

    He’s going to need to bulk up his 200-pound frame, but in mid-range situations, he can use his long, athletic build to score over shorter defenders.

24. Los Angeles Lakers—Mike Moser

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    Mike Moser benefited in a big way from his transfer to UNLV last season.

    A double-double player, Moser jumped his numbers up to 14.0 points, 10.5 rebounds and 1.0 block per game with the Rebels.

    Another productive year should propel Moser into the first round.

25. Memphis Grizzlies—Jeff Withey

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    Jeff Withey is primarily a shot blocker at this point in his basketball career, but he’s one of the best at it when it comes to collegiate big men.

    Averaging 3.6 blocks per game last year, the seven-footer can affect a shot even if he doesn’t get a hand on the ball.

    His offensive game is raw, but with the ability to score around the rim, he could see his draft stock rise with improvement to that side of his game next year.

26. Indiana Pacers—ALex Abrines

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    Coming out of Spain, Alex Abrines will be known as a very good shooter with deep range on his shot.

    He can be a bit turnover prone, so don’t expect him to play the point, but as a shooting guard with good ball-handling skills, he can be relied upon to dribble around the perimeter when need be.

27. Miami Heat—C.J. Leslie

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    At 6’8”, 206 pounds, C.J. Leslie is going to be undersized for an NBA power forward.

    His length is good and his athleticism is exceptional, but these are two things he’s relied upon heavily at N.C. State the past two seasons.

    That being said, if team’s can look past his skinny frame, they’re going to find a big man who runs the floor well, can handle the ball and is a very good shot blocker on the defensive end of the floor.

28. Oklahoma City Thunder—Andre Roberson

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    Andre Roberson has relied on athleticism and leaping ability up to this point, but if he’s going to excel at the NBA game, he’s going to need to add strength and an array of offensive moves.

    His offensive game needs improvement, but he can be a big-time impact on the defensive end.

    At 6’7”, 195 pounds, the small forward needs to bulk up, but he’s already proven to be a tough defender and a very solid rebounder.

29. Chicago Bulls—Jamaal Franklin

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    The Chicago Bulls aren’t likely to nab the league’s second-best record without Derrick Rose next season, but regardless of where they are, a player of Jamaal Franklin’s caliber will help improve their roster.

    Franklin had a breakout sophomore season, jumping his stats up to 17.4 points, 7.9 rebounds and 1.5 assists per game.

    He doesn’t have much consistency to his jump shot, but as a great slasher who can finish at the rim, he can find ways of scoring when his shot isn’t falling.

30. San Antonio Spurs—Wayne Blackshear

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    Wayne Blackshear missed a good portion of his freshman season at Louisville due to injury, but a strong bounce-back year should help him get back into NBA draft discussions.

    He is a 6’5” shooting guard who should prove to be a big-time scorer by using his strength to score down low.

    A good, healthy sophomore campaign could land Blackshear in the middle of the first round, but we’ll have to see it happen before we begin lottery discussions.