Alex Morgan: Why USA Superstar Is More Intriguing Than Hope Solo

Nick HouserCorrespondent IIJuly 28, 2012

Alex Morgan: Why USA Superstar Is More Intriguing Than Hope Solo

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    Hope Solo has become synonymous with the United States women's soccer team, but in 2012 it will be forward Alex Morgan who leads the show and becomes the face of the team.

    One is a goalie, the other a striker.

    They're both of equal importance—arguably the two most important positions in the game of soccer.

    While Solo defends the goal—blocking shots from the opposition—Morgan is tasked with attacking the net on the other side of the field.

    The pair are two of the most beloved members on the squad.

    Here's why 2012 will be Morgan's year to headline.

Morgan's Youth Versus Solo's Age

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    While 30 years of age in the blue-collar world is still very young, in professional sports it's a time when retirement is knocking on the door.

    Immediately after the kickoff of the 2012 Summer Olympics, Hope Solo will celebrate her 31st birthday.

    Alex Morgan recently celebrated a birthday as well—her 23rd.

    It's extremely plausible that this year's Olympics could very well be Solo's last. If it isn't, it's even more likely it's her last as an effective starter.

    Meanwhile, Morgan will make two more, easily.

    Solo is out the door. Morgan's just getting started.

A Scoring Terror

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    The U.S. women's national team has been on a scoring terror as of late.

    During qualifiers, the squad defeated the Dominican Republic 14-0, Guatemala 13-0, Costa Rica 3-0, Mexico 4-0 and Canada 4-0.

    Alex Morgan scored four goals in this stretch.

    While five clean sheets on goalie Hope Solo's part is certainly impressive, most soccer matches are remembered for scoring.

    If the offense can continue on its current path and Morgan can light up the stat sheet, it will be more memorable than Solo's defense.

Morgan Beats Solo in 'Who's Hotter' Polls

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    Both Hope Solo and Alex Morgan are gorgeous women.

    However, in many polls (Google search: "Who's hotter, Alex Morgan or Hope Solo"), Morgan has the edge on Solo.

    Now, looks is a poor excuse to judge someone's talents and overall character by. But when talking about intrigue, not much builds interest better than good looks.

Hope Solo's Antics Will Turn People off

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    Hope Solo has never shied away from the cameras and microphones. She's not very good at hiding her feelings, either.

    First, she blasted a teammate and former coach in 2007 by saying this:

    There's no doubt in my mind I would have made those saves. And the fact of the matter is, it's not 2004 anymore...It's 2007, and I think you have to live in the present. And you can't live by big names. You can't live in the past. It doesn't matter what somebody did in an Olympic gold-medal game in the Olympics three years ago.

    I hope for her sake, a similar occurrence doesn't happen in 2016.

    Then, three weeks before the 2012 Summer Olympics, Solo admits the team was drunk on the Today Show.

    Why bother airing dirty laundry?

    Factor in her constant complaining during Dancing with the Stars, during which she claimed to be judged unfairly because she was too strong of a female athlete, and the list grows.

    Lastly, though she didn't face any disciplinary actions and is still eligible for the Olympics, the fact that Solo recently failed a test for banned substances will further hurt her image.

    Alex Morgan, on the other hand, quietly shows up for work and produces.

There's Still so Much to Learn About Morgan

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    The less society knows about popular individuals, the more intriguing they become.

    In reference to the first slide, Hope Solo will be 31 years old soon. She's played for the national team for quite a while and has been in the spotlight the entire ride.

    Furthermore, she has never hesitated to divulge personal details.

    In fact, Solo will add published author to her resume of accomplishments on August 14 when her autobiography hits shelves.

    Solo claims, "People think I'm an open book. People know nothing about me."

    Yet the constant shenanigans—such as the latest telling of being conceived during a conjugal visit—may have many feeling as if they've heard enough about Solo.

    Then there's Alex Morgan.

    There's still so much to be learned about the seemingly quiet up-and-comer.

    Most fans likely don't even know the California (Berkeley) alum is dating the Seattle Sounders' Servando Carrasco or that she was the first overall selection in the WPS 2011 draft.

    It's plausible the only thing the majority of fans know about the cute All-American California girl next door is her ability to burn defenders en route to a goal.

    Mystery is intriguing.