MLB Trade Deadline: Ranking the 10 Most Trigger-Happy GMs in Baseball

Zak SchmollAnalyst IJuly 22, 2012

MLB Trade Deadline: Ranking the 10 Most Trigger-Happy GMs in Baseball

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    As the summer draws on, more and more Major League Baseball teams are going to start wheeling and dealing.

    Naturally, buyers and sellers are going to emerge, and many players will find themselves putting on new uniforms in unfamiliar locker rooms.

    While this is all a part of the game, some general managers are even more trigger-happy than others. These guys genuinely have the best interests of the team at heart, and they try incredibly hard to work the trade market to their favor. Granted, some trades work out better than others, but the intent to improve is always present on both sides of the transaction.

    Here are the top 10 of this type of general manager. Some of them have already made moves this year, and some of them are likely to by July 31.

10. Dan Duquette, Baltimore Orioles

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    Dan Duquette has been in baseball for a very long time. He began with the Montréal Expos, went to the Boston Red Sox and later landed with the Baltimore Orioles.

    Although his tenure in Boston ended with his firing, he made several great trades bringing in Pedro Martinez, Derek Lowe, Jason Varitek and Tim Wakefield. Obviously he wasn't there when they won the championship, but he helped put the groundwork in place.

    The Baltimore Orioles have been a pleasant surprise so far in the 2012 season, and it wouldn't be too big of a surprise to see Duquette make some type of trade to stay strong through the end of the season.

9. Ned Colletti, Los Angeles Dodgers

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    The Los Angeles Dodgers seem to be slipping a little bit in the National League West, so it will be up to general manager Ned Colletti to try to right the ship quickly.

    Colletti has a history of making trade deadline deals, as he pulled off a blockbuster trade that brought Mannywood to Los Angeles in 2008. He also acquired Greg Maddux during two different campaigns to solidify the Dodgers' rotation.

    Colletti has been a solid general manager for a long time. He knows both when to make a trade and how to find solid veteran talent.

8. Alex Anthopoulos, Toronto Blue Jays

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    Alex Anthopoulos has always had the Toronto Blue Jays right on the edge, but they have never quite been able to push into the top of the American League East.

    During his short tenure, he traded away two of the most famous Toronto Blue Jays in history, sending Roy Halladay to the Philadelphia Phillies and Vernon Wells to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Many of the prospects that he received in those deals have since been dealt away in other trades.

    There is no doubting that Anthopoulos enjoys trades. However, he might not be busy this summer because the Blue Jays are in an interesting position. They're young, so they're not necessarily in a position to rebuild, but they also won't be buying.

    That is why Anthopoulos is lower on the list; that trigger finger might be slower at the moment.

7. Jerry DiPoto, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

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    Although Jerry DiPoto has not been the general manager of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim for very long, it is obvious that he doesn't mind making big moves.

    Over the winter, he won big in the free-agent market with the acquisitions of Albert Pujols and C.J. Wilson. Since this is his first major position, it is hard to tell how many trades he will make, but if he is as aggressive on the trade market as he was in the free-agent market, big things might happen.

    On top of that, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim still have too many outfielders. To ease this bottleneck, expect DiPoto to make some type of move before the deadline.

6. Jon Daniels, Texas Rangers

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    Jon Daniels has made some brilliant trades for the Texas Rangers, and some that were less than ideal.

    However, we are going to focus on the brilliant side, where he traded Mark Teixeira to the Atlanta Braves for Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Elvis Andrus, Matt Harrison and Neftali Feliz. He also acquired Josh Hamilton from the Cincinnati Reds for Edinson Volquez.

    He has made quite a few moves before joining the Texas Rangers, and if the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim start dealing, expect Texas to play along.

5. Mike Rizzo, Washington Nationals

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    Mike Rizzo has turned the Washington Nationals into a force to be reckoned with in the National League East.

    He entirely intends to keep it that way, and the Nationals have been mentioned in several trade rumors around baseball. You would think that being on top of the division would mean a relatively quiet end of July.

    Nevertheless, Rizzo seems like he is anxious to hold off the Atlanta Braves in the division and upgrade even minor weaknesses. He has made several good trades to put the Nationals where they are now, and he may continue doing that in the near future.

4. Theo Epstein, Chicago Cubs

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    Theo Epstein doesn't have much of a track record with the Chicago Cubs yet, but as he demonstrated with the Boston Red Sox, when he takes over a team, he turns it on its head. Though he is an exception to this list as the Cubs' president of baseball operations, he's sure to convince GM Jed Hoyer to pull the trigger.

    Of course, if Boston is any indication, Epstein's trading strategies worked out pretty well, as the Red Sox broke the Curse of the Bambino under his watch. Some of the important pieces he brought in were Josh Beckett and Mike Lowell from the then-Florida Marlins and Curt Schilling from the Arizona Diamondbacks.

    This trade deadline, he has two highly desirable pitchers in Ryan Dempster and Matt Garza. When strong offers come in, look for Epstein to grab pieces that he wants to turn the Cubs into future contenders. He's good at that.

3. Brian Cashman, New York Yankees

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    Brian Cashman has the biggest payroll in baseball with the New York Yankees, so he's got a lot of flexibility in terms of getting the deal done.

    However, during his tenure with the New York Yankees, he has demonstrated that he is not afraid to make a big trade when he needs to. Most notably, he ran out and grabbed Alex Rodriguez when he was the best player in baseball. It takes a lot to pull off a trade of that magnitude.

    The New York Yankees don't tolerate losing, so when the Yankees need to make a move, Brian Cashman is always ready to go out and fill the hole with limited turnaround.

2. Ruben Amaro Jr., Philadelphia Phillies

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    Ruben Amaro Jr. might actually have to sell this season, but he has become known for making big trades at the deadline as the general manager of the Philadelphia Phillies.

    Some of his deadline acquisitions include Hunter Pence and Cliff Lee. He also coordinated the trade that sent Cliff Lee to Seattle and brought Roy Halladay to Philadelphia. These trades were separate, but they were still somewhat related.

    The Phillies are going to make some type of move this deadline. They might buy or sell, but look for Amaro to pull the trigger on some type of deal very soon.

1. Jeff Luhnow, Houston Astros

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    Part of the reason that Jeff Luhnow is so anxious to trade must be the fact that the Houston Astros are near the bottom of baseball nearing the trade deadline.

    This season, he has already dealt away Brett Myers, Carlos Lee and J.A. Happ. These veterans were not going to do a lot for the Astros in the future, but perhaps the prospects that they received in return will.

    Jeff Luhnow might not be done trading this year, but given what he's done so far in the season, he deserves the title of the most trigger-happy GM in baseball.


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