WWE Rumors: Has Kharma Been Playing the Internet After All?

Adam NystromCorrespondent IIJuly 23, 2012

WWE Raw 1000 is mere hours away.  Plenty of rumors have run rampant across the internet regarding what will be the biggest episode in the history of WWE's flagship program.  We already know about the big returns of DX, Brock Lesnar and The Rock.  Bret Hart is being advertised.  It is going to be a lot to stuff into three hours, but one name has generated as much talk as anyone else regarding who may or may not be making an appearance.

Where is Kharma, and what exactly is going on with her?

If you go by The Wrestling Observer newsletter, she is no longer with the company.  They cannot seem to nail down exactly when she was supposedly let go nor the true reasoning, as everything from the usual "creative has nothing for you" stock line to her personal demons has been cited. 

If you ask Kharma, you will not get a response.  The most she said was her ambiguous tweet about being "promoted" to the alumni section of WWE's list of Twitter accounts.  Was this a quiet way of letting fans know she is indeed gone?  Was it a technical mishap on the part of the computer guys at WWE?  Was it a part of a bigger plan to generate conversation and articles like this one?

We don't have an answer for that, and interestingly enough, the same can be said for anybody else.  I find it extremely odd that not one person on the entire active WWE roster has given her a "we will miss you" or "good luck" that typically follows someone no longer with the company.  Jim Ross, despite focusing his efforts on NXT and the developmental system, always takes time to comment on his official blog and address facts, rumors and questions emailed to him regarding WWE happenings on and off the air.  He has yet to address the Kharma talk. 

You can call this wishful thinking, and while you might be correct, why wouldn't we want her to finally return for good?  We saw her squash nearly every Diva in striking distance last year, and the massive ovation she got for her entrance at the Royal Rumble, crushing Michael Cole and giving Dolph Ziggler an Implant Buster was one of the loudest reactions of the show. 

Speaking of Kharma at pay-per-views, she knows a thing or two about toying with people on the internet.  Minutes before Layla won the Divas Championship at Extreme Rules, Kharma asked "So um, whom out there wants to see a Bella get punished to the extreme?" on her account.  While we didn't hear the maniacal laughing that introduces her, I imagine she was doing that at home an hour later when she revealed she was watching it on TV like everyone else.

I am going to hold out hope that at some point during the extravaganza that is Raw 1000, Kharma comes out and reveals that she has, in fact, been playing us the whole time.  Am I being delusional?  That is why we have a comment section below.  Personally, I don't think this is any more of a ridiculous idea than The Ultimate Warrior becoming the new permanent General Manager.