WWE's Heath Slater Is the Greatest WWE Superstar in the History of Pro Wrestling

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistJuly 22, 2012

From WWE Video
From WWE Video

Facetious title aside, nobody has taken an inch and made a mile as of late like Heath Slater has during his entertaining segments with WWE legends. 

Slater is virtually being positioned to flop, singing his so-bad-it's-good "One Man Band" tune, while obnoxiously making his presence felt in a segment where he is destined to compete with the referee as the least most important superstar in the ring.

It's easy to dismiss Slater's consistent losses as bad booking that will hurt him in the long run, given the quick and one-sided nature of his losses. 

However, Slater's status as a relative unknown, despite his stint with the once high-profile Nexus stable, makes weekly exposure on WWE TV alongside popular stars from the past invaluable. 

In spite of taking a series of losses, Slater has done what has become increasingly difficult in today's jaded WWE landscape by becoming a heel who consistently draws boos as opposed to antihero cheers from the ubiquitous and defiant pocket of smart fans.   

Slater's heel heat from calling out WWE legends could easily carry momentum into other programs once Slater is done losing and if the WWE ever decides to take him seriously.  

As a former FCW Heavyweight Champion, Slater has been around the WWE system for years now, working in WWE developmental since 2006.

Slater's stamp as a WWE guy will only help him politically amidst a suddenly changing landscape where WWE has welcomed an influx of talent who cut their teeth on the independent scene

Heath Slater is on to something, as he is finally getting time to develop what has always been a promising character. It may be only a matter of time before this one-man rock band goes platinum.


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