Tiger Woods: Where Tiger Went Wrong on Day 4 of 2012 British Open

Josh SchochAnalyst IIIJuly 22, 2012

Darren Rovell on Twitter
Darren Rovell on Twitter

Tiger Woods' British Open hopes died on the sixth hole. He looked to come back against Adam Scott on the fourth day of the Open Championship, but after his miserable sixth hole he is essentially out of contention.

The sixth hole has been unkind to most golfers, having an overall score of three-over par before Tiger played it. However, Woods had been doing well, recording a birdie on the hole during each of the first three rounds.

That all ended on Sunday.

After a decent drive, he looked like he could get his fourth-straight birdie if his second shot could find the green. Unfortunately, it ended up in a bunker, covered in sand and about two feet away from a steep wall.

Given the position of the ball, just about any other golfer would have taken an unplayable lie and dropped out of the bunker before chipping onto the green.

But this is Tiger Woods we're talking about.

Knowing that he needed to make up ground, Tiger went for the tough chip out of the bunker. He hit the ball as hard as he could, but it never even came close to getting out of the bunker, almost coming back and hitting him off the wall.

Now the ball was about a foot away from the side of the bunker, giving Woods another difficult shot.

Apparently he decided that he's come too far to turn back now, and he got on his knees for the shot.

He somehow got onto the green after the ball hit the lip and bounced out on this incredible shot. Once onto the green, he had a long putt that he came up very short on, giving him a tough putt for double bogey.

He missed.

Woods ended up three-putting for a triple bogey, dropping him to three under on the tournament and leaving him six strokes back of leader Adam Scott with just 12 holes left.

Despite making up a stroke on the seventh hole with a birdie, the triple bogey on six ruined Tiger's hopes of winning his 15th Major Championship at Royal Lytham.