Syracuse Football Needs David Oku

Giants27Analyst IFebruary 19, 2009

Oklahoma high school football recruit, David Oku, is deciding between Auburn and Syracuse as destinations for his collegiate career, one that looks to be promising.

Oku had originally committed to Tennessee, but when Phil Fulmer was fired, he changed his mind.

What puts Syracuse in the driver's seat for Oku, you ask?

Well, Tennessee's running backs coach when Oku committed was Stan Drayton, and he's now the Orange's running backs coach.  That can't hurt.

Syracuse's running back situation took a hit with Curtis Brinkley graduating.

The Orange need to put all of their recruiting power towards signing Oku, as they, up until now, have oft-injured running back Delone Carter as a starting candidate.   

Freshman stunner Antwan Bailey and Doug Hogue will also rejoin the team.

So Syracuse needs a backup plan in case Carter is hurt and the other two fade into mediocrity.

Doug Marrone needs to get a big fish to bring in big hopes for next year, because all he got this year were two-and-three-star recruits.

Now that's nothing to sneeze at, considering Miami, Michigan and Ohio State were recruiting some of those guys, but they're not big-name players as of yet.

I mean, just think of it, Syracuse might get the top all-purpose running back, according to

The fact that he's even considering playing in the dome next year is huge for Syracuse football.