Sacramento Kings' 'Jerseygate' Update: Brooks Is No. 3, Honeycutt to Wear No. 9

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Sacramento Kings' 'Jerseygate' Update: Brooks Is No. 3, Honeycutt to Wear No. 9
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Updated 07-23-12 at 6:45pm:

The Sacramento Kings announced what numbers their four new players would be wearing next season on Monday, clearing up any jersey number questions.

The Kings posted a photo via their Tumblr account of forward Thomas Robinson, guard Aaron Brooks, forward Tyler Honeycutt and forward James Johnson with their uniform numbers for the upcoming season. 

Robinson Will wear No. 0, Brooks will wear No. 3, Honeycutt will wear No. 9 and Johnson will wear No. 52.  


Aaron Brooks held up a No. 0 Sacramento Kings jersey at the Kings' press conference to announce his signing on Friday.

The six-foot guard also wore No. 0 in his first four seasons in the NBA with the Houston Rockets and Phoenix Suns before playing in China during the lockout-shortened last season.  

The Kings' 2012 first-round draft pick, forward Thomas Robinson, wore No. 0 at Kansas and was introduced with that number on his jersey at his rally at Sacramento's Arden Fair Mall on June 30. Robinson proceeded to wear the No. 0 on his summer league jersey as well. exclusive interview with Sacramento Kings guard Aaron Brooks.

Two players can't wear the same number on the same team, so who will have the big zero on the back of his jersey in the upcoming season?

Brooks was quick to address this Jerseygate issue with a reporter after being introduced to the Kings:

I'm not going to wear zero next year even though I held the jersey up. I'm going to change numbers. That was just for the press conference. I'm not wearing zero this year, I think I'm going to wear three.

Brooks also made it clear on Twitter that he would not be wearing zero:

I will not be wearing #0 next year.. I'm still kinda undecided, that was for photos only...

But even with Brooks making it clear that he won't be wearing No. 0, bringing up the possibility of wearing No. 3 presents another problem: Tyler Honeycutt.

According to a quote from Brooks on the Sacramento Kings' website, Brooks said he will have a talk with Honeycutt regarding the jersey number:

I think it's going to be No. 3. I think (Tyler Honeycutt and I) will have to do some discussing, but I think it's going to be No. 3.

With Brooks no longer wearing his number of choice, I'm sure he won't be as quick to pass up on his second option.

If three is his next choice, perhaps Brooks will make Honeycutt an offer he can't refuse. 

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