UFC 149: What We Learned from Chris Clements vs. Matt Riddle

Craig AmosFeatured ColumnistJuly 21, 2012

Photo by mmamania.com
Photo by mmamania.com

Chris Clements and Matt Riddle got the pay-per-view portion of UFC 149 under way with a frenetic two-and-a-half round contest that ended in a submission win for Riddle.


What we'll remember about this fight

Aside from being entertaining, this fight will be remembered for two things that Riddle did. 

In the first round of the fight, Riddle took Clements down multiple times, only to advance position and stand up. Before the fight Riddle had spoken about making an entertaining contest, and he was apparently willing to do so at the cost of dominant position.

The other memorable aspect of this fight was Riddle finishing it with a rarely seen standing arm-triangle. 


What we learned about Chris Clements

Clements hits hard, but beyond that there isn't a whole lot of substance to his game. The Canadian seemed more concerned with landing flashy strikes than effective ones and was thoroughly outclassed on the mat. 

Basically, we learned that the ceiling on Clements' potential is fairly low.

Furthermore, Clements didn't seemed particularly focused during the fight, nor did he seem too heart-broken with the result.

Perhaps Clements is a showman first and a mixed martial artist second?


What we learned about Matt Riddle

He is capable of finishing a fight!

Riddle had just one finish in nine pro fights coming into Saturday night, but it would seem that training with jiu-jitsu master Robert Drysdale is paying off.

And more than just the finish, Riddle looked as good as we've seen him inside the Octagon. Perhaps he is ready to take the next step.

We also learned from his post-fight interview that there is a distinct chance Riddle will test positive for ecstasy when the drug test results come in. 


What's next for Chris Clements

I'd like to see him fight the loser of September's Dan Hardy vs. Amir Sadollah match.

What's next for Matt Riddle

A tough wrestler like Mike Pierce would present an interesting challenge for Riddle.