UFC 149 Results: The Real Winners and Losers from Faber vs. Barao

Hunter Homistek@HunterAHomistekCorrespondent IJuly 22, 2012

UFC 149 Results: The Real Winners and Losers from Faber vs. Barao

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    One of the most injury-riddled cards in UFC history has come and gone, as UFC 149 raided Alberta, Canada and left with a new interim bantamweight champion to show for it.

    The card provided an abundance of opportunities and a chance for one 135-lb. fighter to stake his claim for Dominick Cruz's championship belt.

    Who rose to the occasion, seized the moment and emerged victorious?

    Who shrunk away and shriveled under the bright lights?

    Start the slideshow to see the real winners and losers from UFC 149: Faber vs. Barao.

Winner: Renan Barao

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    Renan Barao seized his opportunity at UFC 149, and he now has a fancy new belt to show for his efforts. 

    In defeating Urijah Faber via unanimous decision, Barao proved that his 29-fight undefeated streak was no joke, and he finds himself next in line for bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz. 

    Having the interim belt is a nice accomplishment, but Barao gets to prove he is the best at 135 lbs., an opportunity fighters strive a lifetime to obtain.

    By taking out "The California Kid" in impressive fashion, Barao is our biggest winner from UFC 149. 

Loser: Urijah Faber

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    Fans of trilogies, I am deeply sorry. 

    Renan Barao threw a monkey wrench into Faber's plans to re-rematch bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz, and now "The California Kid" is left wondering what to do with his career as a mixed martial artist. 

    To his credit, Faber hung in tough despite eating some hard leg kicks and being thoroughly outclassed by Barao, but he seems to be past his prime as a fighter. 

    With a budding writing career and the skills to be a great analyst or trainer in the sport, we may have seen the last marquee bout for Faber under the UFC banner.   

Winner: Tim Boetsch

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    Tim Boetsch hardly looked like a world beater against Hector Lombard, but he did exactly what he needed to do to win and kill the hype train that is (or rather, was) the former Bellator middleweight champion. 

    Boetsch picked Lombard apart on the feet, avoided heavy shots and was never overwhelmed by the Cuban fighter. 

    For this effort, Boetsch puts himself in the thick of middleweight contentionship, and with another win, we may just see him fighting for the title in 2013. 

Loser: Hector Lombard

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    Do you hear that, Hector?  Those are boos.

    And they are for you. 

    Let us settle some things here. 

    Hector Lombard is not an invincible monster of a man.

    Hector Lombard's winning streak is padded...big time.

    Hector Lombard is not ready for Anderson Silva

    Finally, the best fighters in the world are in the UFC, period. 

    That is all. 

    Continue on, my friends. 

Losers: Shawn Jordan and Cheick Kongo

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    The heavyweight bout between Cheick Kongo and Shawn Jordan was sure to end in a knockout. 

    Or so we thought. 

    After 15 minutes of clinch fighting against the cage, Kongo emerged the winner of a boring and uneventful decision. 

    Jordan had the chance to make a huge splash with a victory, and he failed to do anything of significance. 

    Kongo had the opportunity to get back on track with a big knockout against an inexperienced fighter, but he too failed. 

    We all lose with this one, folks.   

Winner: Brian Ebersole

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    This fight is still happening as I type, but I don't care what happens: Brian Ebersole is a winner. 

    The chest hair. 

    The thumbs-up while he is caught in a tight guillotine. 

    The cartwheel kick. 

    This dude is like the Jason "Mayhem" Miller who can actually fight, and for that he is a winner, regardless of the outcome. 

    Stand by for the legitimate winner or loser from this bout. 

Loser: Brian Ebersole and James Head

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    All right, all right, that last slide may have been a bit hasty. 

    Ebersole, for all his hilarious antics and personality traits, looked pretty bad against James Head. 

    His wrestling made Paul Daley's look phenomenal, and he let a lesser fighter in Head steal a close decision. 

    That said, Head looked pretty awful tonight as well, and he never really took the fight to a seemingly lethargic and tired Ebersole. 

    In Ebersole's defense, it was his second fight in 30 days, but the fact remains that this fight was a dud. 

Winner: Matt Riddle

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    Matt Riddle may not be the most well-known fighter in the UFC, but he brings it every night and is always a fan favorite in his bouts. 

    Against Chris Clements, Riddle showcased the same willingness to brawl that he has in past performances, but he also showed off a new aspect of his game as he secured a nifty submission victory via arm-triangle choke. 

    The finish was beautiful, and it showed that Riddle is constantly evolving as a mixed martial artist.  With his solid chin and great wrestling, Riddle will quickly find himself in some high-profile matchups if he keeps adding to this steadily expanding arsenal.   

Loser: Josh Rosenthal

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    The fights have not even ended yet, but I am ready to declare Josh Rosenthal a loser, regardless of what else he does during the fights. 

    After letting Mark Munoz take an unnecessary amount of blows in his loss to Chris Weidman at UFC on Fuel TV 4, Rosenthal made a questionable decision in tonight's pay-per-view opener between Matt Riddle and Chris Clements. 

    After Riddle landed a hard kick to the liver of Clements, doubling his foe over in pain, Rosenthal intervened and halted the action, apparently thinking the kick went to Clements' groin. 

    The fight may have lost Riddle the chance to end the fight early, and that is inexcusable. 

    Josh, what are you doing man?!

Winner: Ryan Jimmo

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    Smile on, Ryan; you have earned it my good sir. 

    Canadian fighter Ryan Jimmo made his UFC debut tonight, and he brought an incredible 16-fight winning streak with him into the Octagon. 

    Many wondered if he was for real or if he had the fortune of fighting lesser fighters to pad his resume. 

    In just seven seconds, we had our answer. 

    With a crushing right hand, the bout was over, and Jimmo found himself riding high after tying the record for the fastest knockout in UFC history. 

    The future looks bright for this dude.  Just how far can he go? 

Loser: Anthony Perosh

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    Pictured, you see what Anthony Perosh looks like conscious. 

    If you watched, oh let's just just say seven seconds of his fight with Ryan Jimmo at UFC 149, you can now say you have seen Perosh both conscious and unconscious. 

    Being on the receiving end of one of the fastest knockouts in UFC history (it tied the record) does nothing to improve your stock as a fighter, and Perosh takes a step back in his career with the loss. 

Winner: Nick Ring

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    In the night's final preliminary fight, Nick Ring defeated Court McGee for the second time in his career, and this one had to feel sweet.   

    The two battled previously on season 11 of The Ultimate Fighter, with Ring taking the bout via decision. 

    Ring, however, was forced to withdraw from the competition with a knee injury, and McGee, as fate would have it, went on to win the tournament as his replacement. 

    Tonight, Ring proved that the first victory was not a fluke and that he is the real "ultimate fighter." 

Winner: Antonio Carvalho

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    Antonio Carvalho looked incredible tonight. 

    After dropping his UFC debut in January to Felipe Arantes, Carvalho bounced back with an impressive first-round stoppage over Daniel Pineda at UFC 149. 

    Carvalho showed rapidly improving standup and a true love for the sport as he broke down in a wave of emotion after the victory. 

    For his impressive performance in his sophomore UFC appearance, Carvalho is a big winner tonight. 

Loser: Roland Delorme

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    Roland Delorme came into his bout with Francisco Rivera riding a two-fight winning streak, with both victories coming by submission. 

    Tonight, he lost, and he lost badly. 

    Rivera picked him apart from the opening bell, and the onslaught did not stop until the referee said enough was enough. 

    Delorme may have impressive ground skills, but until he snugs up his standup game, he will continue to get devastated by superior strikers inside the Octagon. 

Winner: Francisco Rivera

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    Francisco Rivera brought a diverse and pinpoint standup attack to his bout with Roland Delorme, and it was all he needed to earn himself a first-round victory. 

    With devastating punches and kicks, Rivera earned his third straight UFC victory and cemented himself as a fighter to watch in the crowded bantamweight division. 

    As Joe Rogan said, he "couldn't have looked better" in the matchup. 

Winner: Bryan Caraway

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    Bryan Caraway and Mitch Gagnon kicked off the preliminary action on FX in impressive fashion. 

    The two bantamweights went to war for the better part of 15 minutes, with each fighter having his moments and fighting back from adversity. 

    In the third round, however, Caraway took the back of an exhausted Gagnon and locked in the fight-ending rear-naked choke. 

    For fighting back from adversity and winning in impressive fashion, Caraway is a big winner tonight. 

Loser: Mitch Gagnon's Lungs

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    While Mitch Gagnon looked impressive against Bryan Caraway, his cardio was definitely not up to snuff if he wants to hang with the bantamweight elite. 

    Gagnon was able to rock Caraway several times, and he landed some hellacious ground and pound that looked to have Caraway on the edge of consciousness. He could not seal the deal, though, and his lungs were left gasping and deflated.

    He fought through the adversity and put on a game performance, but Caraway's endurance eventually prevailed as he locked in the choke that sealed the deal in the third and final round.  

Winner: Prelims

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    If you do not watch the preliminary fights on FX, first off, why the hell not? 

    Secondly, you need to do that next time, no excuses. 

    The best fights of the night occurred on the prelim broadcast, and if you missed them, you missed some phenomenal finishes and fights. 

    Basically, what I am saying is this:

    Watch the prelims.  Just because you may not have heard of a guy does not make him any less of a fighter, and these bouts with lesser name recognition oftentimes outshine their more-hyped brothers on the pay-per-view broadcast.   

Loser: Anyone Who Bought the Pay-Per-View

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    Sometimes, the cards that look bad on paper turn out to be amazing. 

    This was not one of those times. 

    For those who bought the pay-per-view card, hang in there my brothers, it cannot get much worse.

    For those who did not buy the card, be thankful.  Be very thankful. 

    Go buy a nice $55 steak for me.