UFC 149: Why Urijah Faber Will Take Down Renan Barao with Ease

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UFC 149: Why Urijah Faber Will Take Down Renan Barao with Ease
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Career records and winning streaks will be meaningless when these two talents begin the bout.

UFC 149 is headlined by what will be a memorable showdown between Urijah Faber and Renan Barao. However, there is no question that Faber has the outright advantage in this fight. 

Each fighter's career record and recent performances would lead fans to believe that Barao is the clear-cut favorite in this match of epic proportions. Yet in reality, it is misleading and fails to give credit to the more talented fighter in the match.

"The California Kid" has posted a career record of 26-5 and has won four of his last seven matches. Meanwhile, Barao is a whopping 28-1 and has won 28 matches in a row. On paper, it would seem as if there is no contest between the two.

Though Barao appears to be the more top-notch talent, it is clear Faber is set to take the title at UFC 149.

For one, Faber has 171 minutes inside the octagon, which is more than triple the 50 minutes that Barao boasts. The plethora of extra minutes is an indicator of more experience and an ability to endure longer bouts. This will pay dividends in this match, and is a major reason why Faber has the edge in the fight.

Faber has also fought in more significant fights against steeper competition. It is the 20th time Faber has fought for a title belt, while Barao is heading into the first of his career.

It is clear who is the more battle-tested, proven fighter.

There is no question that Faber is the fighter to take down in this contest. It will be Faber's experience that will give him the edge. Make no mistake about it.

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